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Meera Sitharam, Audrey St. John, Jessica Sidman, Handbook of Geometric Constraint Systems Principles 2018

Macro-molecular configuration spaces and assembly

Aysegul Ozkan, Meera Sitharam, Jose C. Flores-Canales, Rahul Prabhu, and Maria Kurnikova, Baseline Comparisons of Complementary Sampling Methods for Assembly Driven by Short-Ranged Pair Potentials toward Fast and Flexible HybridizationJournal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2021, 17, 3.

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Geometric Constraints, Rigidity, Configuration Spaces

Daniel Irving Bernstein, Sean Dewar, Steven J. Gortler, Anthony Nixon, Meera Sitharam, Louis Theran Maximum likelihood thresholds via graph rigidity 2021. Preprint available on arXiv:1910.05390.

William Sims and Meera Sitharam Flip Paths Between Lattice Triangulations 2021. Prepint available on arXiv:2008.11292.

Youngquist, Jeremy, Meera Sitharam, and Jörg Peters. A slice-traversal algorithm for very large mapped volumetric models. Computer-Aided Design, volume 141, pages 103102, 2021.

Meera Sitharam, Andrew Vince The Maximum Matroid of a Graph Preprint available on arXiv:1910.05390.

Sadjadi, Mahdi, Varda F. Hagh, Mingyu Kang, Meera Sitharam, Robert Connelly, Steven J. Gortler, Louis Theran, Miranda Holmes-Cerfon, and Michael F. Thorpe. Realizations of Isostatic Material Frameworks. physica status solidi (b), pages 2000555, 2021.

Aysegul Ozkan, Rahul Prabhu, Troy Baker, James Pence, Jorg Peters, and Meera Sitharam. Algorithm 990: Efficient Atlasing and Search of Configuration Spaces of Point-Sets Constrained by Distance Intervals. ACM Trans. Math. Softw., 44(4):48:1–48:30, July 2018.
VIDEO available, PDF

Meera Sitharam, Jeremy Youngquist, Maxwell Nolan, Jörg Peters Corner-Sharing Tetrahedra for Modeling Micro-Structure, Computer-Aided Design, 14 (2019): 164-178.

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Meera Sitharam, Menghan Wang, Joel Willoughby, Rahul Prabhu Cayley Configuration Spaces In Meera Sitharam, Audrey St John, Jessica Sidman, editors, Handbook of Geometric Constraint Systems Principles, chapter 10, pages 181–198. CRC Press, 2018

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M. Sitharam, M. Wang How the Beast really moves: Cayley analysis of mechanism realization spaces using CayMos, Proceedings of SIAM Solid and Physical Modeling, 2013, and also in
Computer-Aided Design, Volume 46, January 2014, Pages 205-210, ISSN 0010-4485, CayMos web-accessible software and videos

Meera Sitharam, Menghan Wang, Heping Gao, Cayley analysis of 1-dof tree-decomposable linkages Part I: algebraic complexity> 2013

Meera Sitharam, Menghan Wang, Heping Gao, , Cayley analysis of 1-dof tree-decomposable linkages Part II: combinatorial characterization 2013
CayMos sourcecode is deposited on Google code

J. Cheng, M. Sitharam, I. Streinu, Nucleation-free 3D rigidity short preliminary version appeared in: Proceedings of Canadian Conf on Comput. Geom. 2009 (full journal version 2013),

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gzipped ps file Proceedings of ACM Solid Modeling symposium, 2001.

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gzipped ps file Journal of Symbolic Computation Vol. 31, No. 4, April 2001

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Game-theoretic Mechanisms for algorithms and discrete modeling

A. Lomonosov, M. Sitharam ``Stability, Optimality and Complexity in Network games with pricing and player dropouts,'' SCPE (Scalable computing) journal, 2007

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gzipped ps file Decision Support Systems, Special Issue on Information and Computation Economies, vol. 28, pp 101--122, 2000.

Shaogang Chen, Kihong Park, Meera Sitharam, On the Ordering Properties of GPS Routers for Multi-Class QoS Provision, (pdf file)
gzipped ps file Proceedings of the SPIE Conference on Performance and Control of Network Systems, Nov. 1998.

Kihong Park, Meera Sitharam, Shaogang Chen, Quality of Service Provision in Noncooperative Networks: Heterogenous Pref erences, Multi-Dimensional QoS Vectors, and Burstiness, (pdf file)
gzipped ps file Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Computation Economies, ICE Oct. 1998.

Complexity, Sampling, Pseudorandomness, Learning etc.

Xiang Gao, Meera Sitharam, and Adrian E. Roitberg. Bounds on the Jensen gap, and implications for mean-concentrated distributions. The Australian Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (AJMAA) Volume 16, Issue 2, Article 14, pp. 1-18, 2019.

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O. Boykin, M. Sitharam, M. Tarifi, P. Wocjan ``Nonextendibility of Mutually Unbiased Bases''
ArXiv subsuming version Quantum Information Processing 2007

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gzipped ps file Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra Vol 160, No 3, 285-318, 2001.

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gzipped ps file Proceedings of ACM-SE conference, Mar. 2001.

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American Mathematical Monthly, May 1998.

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gzipped ps file Computational Complexity (5), 1995, 248-266. Appeared in proceedings of ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing, 1994.

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gzipped ps file Computational Complexity (5), 1995, 167-189.

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gzipped ps file Kent State TR May 96. Appears in Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity, 96.

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gzipped ps file Kent State TR May 96. Appears in Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity, 96.

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M. Sitharam, ``Generalized Boolean hierarchies,'' (pdf file)
gzipped ps file University of Wisconsin Ph.D thesis and TR

Approximation theory and splines

A. Cavaretta, M. Sitharam, ``Variational properties of tensor product Bernstein Bezi\' er operators,'' Journal of Approximation theory, Vol. 72, No. 1, 1993, pp. 34-39.

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Journal of Approximation Theory and its Applications, Vol. 9, No. 1, 1993, pp. 18-32.

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M. Sitharam, J. Peters`` Graph-theoretic methods for bivariate $C^1$ cubic interpolation,'' Proceedings of the SIAM conference on Discrete Mathematics, Atlanta, June 1990

In preparation

M. Sitharam, M. Tarifi, M. Wang "Rigidity of pinned line incidences to give provable bounds for Dictionary learning"

R. Wu, A. Ozkan, A. Bennett, M. Agbandje-Mckenna, M. Sitharam "Conclusive validation of EASAL's predictions of crucial interface interactions viral shell assembly"

J. Cheng, M. Sitharam "An algorithmic characterization of a family of abstract rigidity matroids over general graphs"

M. Sitharam, R. Wu, A. Ozkan "Configurational Entropy computation for small flexible molecular conformation and assembly systems" "

U. Chittamuru, M. Sitharam
`` Efficient parametrization and sampling of configuration space for 2-trees in 3D''
In preparation

O. Boykin, M. Sitharam, M. Tarifi, P. Wocjan ``Real Mutually Unbiased Bases'' '' In preparation

C. Borcea, M. Sitharam, I. Streinu `` The admissible polytope of edge distances for 2D realizations of partial 2-trees '' In preparation

A. Lomonosov, M. Sitharam ``Graph density based decomposition in geometric constraint solving'' 3 papers, based on Andrew's PhD thesis

M. Sitharam, Y. Zhou " Characterizing Rigidity of Angle constraint systems in 2D. " based on Yong's PhD thesis, 2006

O. Boykin, M. Sitharam, P. Wocjan `` On Monomiality of Mutually Unbiased Bases " In preparation.

M. Sitharam, ``FRONTIER, an opensource 3D geometric constraint solver: architecture (Part I)
``FRONTIER, an opensource 3D geometric constraint solver: new algorithms (Part II) Research Monograph, in preparation.

P. Dandekar, M. Sitharam, A. Vince `` Constructions and bounds related to Dvoretzky's theorem and applications in threshold circuit size and communication complexity'' Pranav's thesis

M. Sitharam " Non-naturalizing proofs and algebraic complexity lower bounds: the role of symm etry and stability. "

Miscellaneous Technical Reports

M. Sitharam ``Datamining to capture geometric design intent,'' (pdf file)
gzipped ps file

K. Park, M. Sitharam, S. Chen, ``Quality of service provision in noncooperative network environments,'' Purdue University TR, Aug 97.

L. Robitaille, M. Sitharam , ``Asymptotic lengths of curve families and their fractal dimension,'' (ps file) Kent State TR, Aug 1996.

M. Sitharam, A. Lomonosov, ``Dense subgraph detection,'' Kent State University Tech. Report, January 1997.

V. Dimitrijevic, M. Sitharam, ``Lower bounds in algebraic models'' Kent State University Tech. Report, 1995, master's project

M. Sitharam, D. Hines ``Short discrete proofs of real zero existence for special cases of polynomial inequalities, and applications to geometric constraint problems,'' Kent State TR, Summer 1996.

M. Sitharam, B. Anderson ``Solving systems of polynomial inequalities arising from generalizations of the Budan-Fourier theorem,'' talk given at the Kent AMS conference in Nov. 95. Kent State TR, Spring 1996.

L. Hannah, M. Sitharam, ``Non-linear weight distributions of codes and circuit complexity lower bounds,'' Kent State TR, Summer 1996.

M. Sitharam, K. Mcevoy ``An HP-starbase toolkit for visualizing 2-D algebraic varieties,'' Kent State TR, Summer 1996.

M. Sitharam, M. Dowd ``Shannon bounds for functions over $Z_2^n$,'' Kent State University Tech. Report, 1992

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