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Courses Index: Summer 2018

The following is a list of the Summer 2018 CISE course offerings. The icons under "Website" are links to the course website maintained by the corresponding instructor and/or their TAs. For more information about these pages or their content, please contact the responsible instructor/TA directly.

Undergraduate Classes

Course Instructor Website
CDA3101 Introduction to Computer Organization Cheryl Resch website
CEN3031 Introduction to Software Engineering Joshua Fox website
CIS4905 Individual Study in CISE Tamer Kahveci website
CIS4940 Practical Work Tamer Kahveci website
CIS4949 Co-Op Work in CISE Tamer Kahveci website
COP3275 Computer Programming Using C Ahmed E. Khaled website
COP3502 Programming Fundamentals 1 Jeremiah J. Blanchard website
COP3503 Programming Fundamentals 2 Joshua Fox website
COP3530 Data Structures and Algorithm Cheryl Resch website
COP4020 Programming Language Concepts Adeesha Pr website
COP4600 Operating Systems Miguel E. Rodriguez website
COP4620 Translators and Translator Writing Systems Adeesha Pr website
COT3100 Applications of Discrete Structures Peter J. Dobbins website
EGN4912 Engineering Directed Independent Research Tamer Kahveci website

Graduate Classes

Course Instructor Website
CIS6905 Individual Study Tamer Kahveci website
CIS6910 Supervised Research Tamer Kahveci website
CIS6971 Research for Master's Thesis Tamer Kahveci website
CIS7979 Advanced Research Tamer Kahveci website
CIS7980 Research for Doctoral Dissertation Tamer Kahveci website
EGN5949 Practicum/Internship/Co-Op Work Experience Tamer Kahveci website
EGN6913 Engineering Grad Research Tamer Kahveci website