Collectively, the list of achievements and awards received by the faculty include 17 NSF Career Award winners; six IEEE Fellows; three ACM Fellows; three AAAS Fellows; one IEEE Computer Society Taylor L. Booth Education Award; one IEEE Computer Society W. Wallace-McDowell Award; and one ACM Karl Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award.


The Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering’s human constituents represent a diverse mix of individuals, including distinguished faculty, committed staff and talented students. Use the information below to lookup details (including contact information) about staff members, including office staff, student advisors, IT staff and other personnel.

Departmental Committees

In addition to the senior officers listed above, a number of administrative committees advise the chair and oversee various aspects of the departments daily operations.


CISE employs three times the national average of black faculty members among the nation's computer science programs.
2018 ASEE Data


CISE has the highest amount of black women faculty members among computer science departments nationwide.
2018 ASEE Data

Top 15

CISE is ranked among the top 15 largest computer science departments nationwide.
2018 ASEE Data

Gilbert Elected as Member of the Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine of Florida

Juan E. Gilbert, Ph.D.Juan E. Gilbert, Ph.D., The Banks Family Preeminence Endowed Professor and chair of the UF Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE), was recently elected as a member of the Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine of Florida (ASEMFL). Dr. Gilbert was elected because of his pioneering human-centered computing research focused on societal issues and his national leadership in advancing diversity in higher education.

“It is a significant honor to be a member of the Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine of Florida,” Dr. Gilbert said. “Our research aligns with the mission of the academy, which includes providing science, engineering and medicine studies to the people of Florida on existing and emerging topics. The work we do in voting aims to advance the state of the art in voting and inform society about these advances.”

Dr. Gilbert leads the Human Experience Research Lab, which is focused on designing, building, and evaluating computational technologies as they relate to the human condition and reflecting on how these technologies affect society.

“The mission also includes inspiring future generations of researchers,” he said. “We do this in the lab where we advise Ph.D. students and work with undergraduate students on our projects. We have been very successful in advancing diversity in higher education in the lab and in CISE, where we have one of the most diverse computing sciences programs/departments in the nation.”

Dr. Gilbert is a Fellow of the American Association of the Advancement of Science, an ACM Fellow, a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, a National Associate of the National Research Council of the National Academies and a Senior Member of the IEEE.

The induction of new members and certificate awards will be presented during the opening session of the Annual Meeting of AMEMFL, which is planned for Nov. 7, 2020, in Orlando.

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