Collectively, the list of achievements and awards received by the faculty include 17 NSF Career Award winners; six IEEE Fellows; three ACM Fellows; three AAAS Fellows; one IEEE Computer Society Taylor L. Booth Education Award; one IEEE Computer Society W. Wallace-McDowell Award; and one ACM Karl Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award.


The Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering’s human constituents represent a diverse mix of individuals, including distinguished faculty, committed staff and talented students. Use the information below to lookup details (including contact information) about staff members, including office staff, student advisors, IT staff and other personnel.

Departmental Committees

In addition to the senior officers listed above, a number of administrative committees advise the chair and oversee various aspects of the departments daily operations.


CISE employs three times the national average of black faculty members among the nation's computer science programs.
2018 ASEE Data


CISE has the highest amount of black women faculty members among computer science departments nationwide.
2018 ASEE Data

Top 15

CISE is ranked among the top 15 largest computer science departments nationwide.
2018 ASEE Data

Gilbert Receives Social Impact Award from ACM SIGCHI

Juan E. Gilbert, Ph.D.Juan E. Gilbert, Ph.D., the Banks Family Preeminence Endowed Professor, was recently named a recipient of the 2021 SIGCHI Social Impact Award. Dr. Gilbert, the chair of the University of Florida Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering, was 1 of 3 people chosen to receive the award this year.

The Association of Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (ACM SIGCHI) is an international community of professionals interested in research, education and the practical application of human-computer interaction. The SIGCHI Awards identify and honor leaders and shapers of the field of human-computer interaction within SIGCHI.

Dr. Gilbert’s work in Advanced Learning Technologies increases access to technology for those with limited educational opportunities, particularly by providing personalized instruction for those in under-resourced schools that might not otherwise be able to afford this type of engagement. Additionally, in these environments, his work addresses the use of computer and telecommunication technology by diverse populations.

“In my lab, we are proud to do research that makes a positive impact on people’s lives,” Dr. Gilbert said. “We strive to make the world a better place with the work we do. I’m honored to be recognized by ACM SIGCHI.”

Dr. Gilbert is using his research in artificial intelligence (AI) to understand how algorithms might better process admissions applications in ways that serve to increase holistic diversity rather than select for majority dominant groups, as traditional approaches have done. In pilot studies with several universities, Dr. Gilbert’s patented AI algorithm for admissions, Applications Quest, has resulted in greater diversity in a fraction of the time it takes the admissions committee while yielding the same academic achievement levels.

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