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The first moment divided by the volume yields the center of mass
in pieces: p.1~p.5 , p.6 , p.7 , p.8 , p.9~p.10
Typo on p.16: left Bezier patch of the characteristic map has a number of transposed entries associated with cn. The patch should equal the of lower right patch with the sign of the 2nd coordinate flipped.
The Platonic Spheroids Technical Report (TR-97-052), Purdue University, 1997
Correction for tetroid, D_2q, middle column should be [-10 4 -12]
Correction for hexoid, upper left figure, the entries should be (top left: [-3 0 3], top right [3 0 3] and lower right[3 3 0])
Box-Spline Based CSG Blends
Jörg Peters and Michael Wittman
4th ACM Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 1997
in pieces: p.1~p.3 , p.4~p.6 , p.7~p.11
Smooth Blending of Basic Surfaces using Trivariate Box Spline
Jörg Peters and Michael Wittman
7th IMA Conference on the Mathematics of Surfaces, 1996
Pieter Barendrecht noticed that in Fig 4: entries 0 should be 1/2 (so the final value = (1/2)/4 = 1/8).
Spline Surfaces from Irregular Control Meshes Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (ZAMM) (Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics), ICIAM/GAMM 95 Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, Computer Science. Hamburg July 3 - 7, 1995 76, S1, 69-72, 1996
a summary, rational extensions
» figures (version May 1994)
Geometric Constraints for CAGD in M. Dahlen, T. Lyche, and L. L. Schumaker (eds), Mathematical Methods in Computer Aided Geometric Design III, Vanderbilt Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 1995
A Characterization of Connecting Maps as Nonlinear Roots of the Identity in Curves and Surfaces in Geometric Design, Pierre Jean Laurent, Alain Le Méhauté, Larry L. Schumaker (eds.),
International Conference on Curves and Surfaces in Geometric Design, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France, 1994
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For general modeling I recommend C^1-surface splines. Surfaces...bicubics is older, uses more patches, uses more complicated formulas, does not prove the convex hull property. It is however the first of this type of construction.

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