Resource List


-   UNC Dynamic Scene Benchmarks (animated), needs Plyview
-   The Utah 3D Animation Repository (animated)
-   Stanford data archive
-   Keenan's 3D Model Repository (Jerry the Ogre, etc.)
-   Princeton shape benchmark
-   GA tech Large Geometric Models Archive
-   Hughes Hoppe's collection
-   The GTS Library
-   Princeton 3D model search engine
-   Ohio State
-   SurfLab Models Archive (request for password)
-   3D Objects Archive
-   A Tiny Library of Faceted Objects
-   Princeton 3D Model Search Engine
-   3D Cafe (3D Objects Library)
-   3D Content Central (SolidWorks) (3D Objects Library)
-   Tutorials and Z-Brush models
-   Pixologic's model repository
-   AIM@SHAPE Shape Repository


-   OpenGL (The Home of the OpenGL)
-   OpenGL Redbook Online
-   OpenGL Bluebook (Reference Manual) Online
-   OpenGL 2.1 Reference
-   GLUT 3 Reference
-   Mesa (Open Source OpenGL Implementation)


-   Open Inventor (Library Documentation from TGS)
-   Coin3D (Open Source OpenInventor Implemenation)
-   CGAL (Computational Geometry Algorithm Library)
-   Blitz++ (A Matlab Style Matrix Library)


-   Pov-Ray (A Free Ray Tracer)
-   BMRT (A Free Ray Tracer/Radosity Renderer)
-   Gid (A Free Mesh Generator)
-   GeomView (A Free Geometry Viewer)


-   C++ Resource Network (Language & Library Reference)
-   An A-Plus C++ Resources Directory
-   Association of C & C++ Users (Book Reviews -- not just C & C++)
-   C++ BOOST Library (Future Standard C++ Libraries)
-   C++ Virtual Library (A lot of good documents about C++)
-   C++ Libraries (C++ Libraries List)


-   LaTeX Project
-   Text Processing using LaTeX
-   Online Book of LaTeX
-   LaTeX/TeX Links


-   Dr. C.-K. Shene's course notes on Geometric Concepts and Splines

-   NEC ResearchIndex (Online Papers Search Engine)
-   Science Direct (Online Papers Search Engine)
-   MathSciNet (Online Mathmatic Papers Search Engine)
-   IEEE Xplore (Online IEEE transactions, journals and proceedings search engine)
-   SIGGRAPH Online Bibliography

-   FAQ: Computer Graphics
-   Graphics Gems Repository
-   The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
-   Complete Collection of Algorithm Animations

-   Computer Graphics Presentations (Overviews of most topics in computer graphics)

-   Graphics File Format (2D/3D file formats, utils and FAQs)
-   File Format Library (All kinds of file formats)
-   Wotsit Format (Collection of file format descriptions)

-   Journal of Graphics Tools
-   Magic Software (Graphics library with source code - math, curve, surface ...etc.)

-   3D Object Intersecton (Intersection routines for various popular 3D objects)

-   ART: A Benchmark for Animated Ray Tracing

-   Linux3D (3D Hardware/Sofware/Reference)
-   Linux3D Graphics Programing

-   Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics (Almost everything in the math world)
-   The Math Forum (Another good math source)

-   Steve's CG index (A lot misc stuff about computer graphics)
-   Video Tutorials Rock (OpenGL video tutorials and source codes)
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