Marketing & Communications

The marketing department at the UF Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering works hard to maintain a consistent brand throughout all of our materials. Please consult the following information for details on templates and project requests.

For questions or comments, please send us an email.

Requesting a Project

The CISE marketing department welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you. In some cases, this may mean working closely together on a project. It may also mean providing you with the resources to work independently – so that your efforts are consistent with the look, feel and functionality of other communications efforts around the university.

Our strategies for managing high-priority initiatives and campaigns are identified by the chair, senior leadership in CISE and the college. Please note, the weeks leading up to the Career Development Workshop in the fall and spring, and the end of the fall semester are consistently very busy times for departmental marketing. Plan ahead! Your request for assistance with a project will be evaluated based on your timeline and our availability. In order for us to best accommodate your needs, please send an email to our team well in advance of your project’s targeted deadline. The normal timeline for projects is two to three weeks. During the busy season, the timeline is three to four weeks.

Students: If you need access to promotional materials the department has already purchased or flyers for an event, marketing needs to know AT LEAST two weeks in advance (preferably two weeks). If you ask for materials the day before you need them or even hours before, we will not be able to fulfill your request.

If you need promotional materials ordered, the marketing department will need to know six weeks before your deadline.

NOTE: The department does not keep any printed flyers on hand at any time. Our flyers are color, and you will need access to a color printer.


Click on the following links to download templates.


Photo Release Form


If you do not have access to UF’s brand fonts Quadon and Gentona, please use the “Standard Fonts” files.

Powerpoint Slides

If you do not have access to UF’s brand fonts Quadon and Gentona, please use the “Standard Fonts” files.

Standard Definition (4:3)

High Definition (Widescreen 16:9)

Design Elements