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CISE Advisors

CISE academic advisors are an invaluable resource for students at all stages of their academic careers. They are always available to help you plan your program of study, resolve problems and provide valuable career guidance. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisors at least once per semester.

To meet with an advisor, please visit the Student Services Center, located in room E405 of the CSE building.

Normal advising office hours:

Advisors see students on a walk-in basis during the hours below. Please note that at certain times, advisors may not be available due to other commitments. Should there be an urgent undergraduate need, please see the College Student Affairs office in 204 Weil Hall. In general, advising office hours are:

M-F 8:30am - 4:45pm, CLOSED approximately 12-1.

Undergraduate Advisors

Graduate Advisors

Graduate Admissions

  • For all questions about graduate applications:, or contact Kristina Sapp (