Graduate Certificate

Certificate in Information Security

Certificate Description

This certificate will prepare students for a career in information security. Required courses give a solid foundation in computer and network security, and cryptography basics. Advanced courses build on this foundation and focus on specific areas. A successful student will be prepared to obtain certifications and enter the profession.

Requirements for Admission

Admission requires a bachelors degree in computer science or computer engineering or approval by CISE department. The program is open to current UF graduate students and non-degree-seeking students. The certificate program is only available to on-campus students.

In the certificate application process, the Office of Admissions must complete the following review before your application is referred to your department:

  • Determination of satisfactory conduct record
  • Application fee payment of $37
  • Validation of transcripts and degrees
  • Verification of residency classification

The Office of Admissions cannot forward an application to a certificate program to the department until all materials and transcript(s) have been received.

For currently enrolled UF students, apply here. You will need your GatorLink username and password to apply.

For new students, apply here.

Requirements for Completion

Required courses – (6 credits):

  1. CIS 5370 Computer and Information Security (3) – letter grade
  2. CNT5410 Computer and Network Security (3) – letter grade

Two additional courses must be selected from the following:

  1. CIS 5372 Introduction to Cryptology (3) – letter grade
  2. CIS 5xxx Penetration Testing — Ethical Hacking (3) – letter grade
  3. CAP 6137 Malware Reverse Engineering (3) – letter grade
  4. CIS 6xxx Special Topics in Cybersecurity (3) – letter grade

Students must complete all four courses with a grade of B or better to earn a certificate.

Consistent with the approved criteria for Graduate Certificates:

  1. Application for the certificate program is required.
  2. Currently enrolled UF graduate students will be permitted to count previously taken coursework toward this Graduate Certificate.*
  3. For non-degree seeking or post-baccalaureate students, course credits identified as part of certificate requirements, but successfully completed prior to formal admission to the certificate program may be credited toward the certificate with the approval of the academic unit and College, so long as at least half of the credit hours required for the certificate are earned during or after the semester in which the student is admitted to the certificate program.
  4. Credits earned at another institution may not be used to meet the requirements of a UF Graduate Certificate.
  5. Coursework and credits used to satisfy the requirements for a Graduate Certificate may not be used to meet the requirements of a minor.
  6. Graduate Certificates will be awarded after successful completion of the program and will be posted to the academic transcript. The Office of the University Registrar will print and distribute Graduate Certificates to the recipients.
  7. Students must be registered during the term in which they receive the Graduate Certificate.
  8. Students must apply to receive a Graduate Certificate by the mid-point of the term in which they plan to complete the certificate program requirements.

* The CISE Department has elected to permit this as a policy for this graduate certificate program; other graduate certificate programs may require explicit approval of work done prior to admission to the program.