Senior Certificate Program


 “For decades, the senior certificate program has been one of UF CISE’s most impactful programs in opening up windows of opportunities, as routinely reported by participating students..” – Juan Gilbert, Andrew Banks Family Preeminence Endowed Professor and Chair of CISE (2024)”

Synopsis and Highlights

  • One semester certificate program for undergraduates in their senior (final) year at other universities including international universities
  • Requires presence at University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.
  • Certificate students attend courses and are assessed alongside UF students
  • With approval of student’s home university, certificate credits may be counted toward undergraduate degree completion requirements at the home university
  • 25th year of the program (2024)
  • International experience at a major US university
  • Improved chances of admission into UF’s MS program
  • Certificate credits may transfer into our MS program
  • Certificate credits cost less than half as much as MS credits

Eligibility and Admission Requirements

  • Enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in Computer Science/Engineering
  • Current GPA of B or better
  • Demonstrated English communication skills (TOEFL or TSE required of students from non-exempt countries)
  • International certificate students must meet lawful visa and entry requirements similar to other international students at UF

Home University Policy

  • Some universities have standard policies that count UF senior certificate credits towards degree requirements
  • Otherwise, it is the student’s responsibility to negotiate such an agreement  with their home university officials

Program Details

  • 12 credits of approved CISE courses
  • Select from available senior or graduate level CISE courses
  • Typically, a certificate student takes 3 undergrad and 9 grad credits
  • Must receive C or better on each course

Entrance to Masters Program

Master’s admission guaranteed if:

  • B or better CGPA in junior and senior years in home university and
  • B or better GPA in certificate program; no grade below C and
  • GRE score of >=305 and
  • TOEFL >= 80

To avoid admission delay, take GRE & TOEFL before starting the certificate.

Transferring Credits
  • Certificate students who are admitted to the MS program in CISE can transfer the graduate courses taken in the certificate program in which they received a grade of B or better.
  • Typically, a certificate student takes 3 undergrad and 9 grad credits. So, up to 9 credits may be transferred into our MS program

Certificate Program Statistics

  • Operational since 2009: 25th year of the program (2024)
  • Annual cohorts of up to 65 students currently, usually in the Spring semester of each year
  • Routine cohorts from 10 recognized international universities



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