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November 2015: Beyond Convenience: Take a look inside the Gator Tech Smart House, a University of Florida project that uses home-automation tools to empower the elderly and disabled.

September 2011 Career goal: help create the necessary elements of an ecosystem for tomorrow's smart space industry

August 2011: Beware - The Aging Boomers are Coming. (In German)

June 2011: Your Cute Robot Knows Where You Are.

March 2010 In Your Walls, In Your Clothes, in Your MailBox

July 2007: University of Florida and IBM Use Open Standards to Boost the Power of Healthcare Devices

July 2007: From UF and IBM, a Blueprint for “Smart” Health Care.

July 2007 A Smarter World for Charlie - UF-IBM Joint Production

September 2007: Doctors Without Wires

July 2007: IBM, University of Florida Team Up on Smart Devices

July 2007 Smart House of the Future Built Today

May 2007: Eclipse Foundation Hosts UF/IBM STEPSTONE Open Source Project. Currently, STEPSTONE is hosted by and at the Open Health Tools open source organization specializing in eHealth software.

August 2006: Discovery Channel Beyond Tomorrow TV Show features the Gator Tech Smart House at the University of Florida, and airs world-wide

August 2006 Blind Navigation

August 2004: Smart House Thinks for Itself

May 2004: THE SMART HOUSE: At UF, Matilda the Mannequin is Helping Seniors Stay at Home, Independently

September 2004 Tapping Technology for Elder Care

May 2004: Safe at Home: 'Smart' experiment may hold key to keeping seniors independent

March 2004: Computers and Sensors Find a Home in Senior's Project

March 2004 Baby Boomers Take Note. Your Smart House Will Soon be Taking Care of You

February 2004: For the Elderly, UF's Experimental House is a Smart Idea

January 2004: "Smart House" Keeps Tabs On Elderly - Explore Magazine: Research at UF

November 2003 House with a Brain: UF Researchers Develop House for Aging People

October 2002: Drishti - Step-by-Step Prompts Put the Blind on Track

October 2002: Drishti Navigation for the Blind

April 2001 Gadgets to Sell Phones - The First Mobile Computing Applications Competition in the CLassroom

January 1999: Dr. Helal to launch the First Wireless Classroom at the University of Florida, Marking the Beginning of the Wireless Campus Project