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πŸ•‘ January 2021

Smart-Ready Homes through Digital Plumbing - The future of Smart Homes and how it will support the future of health care and active and healthy living.

πŸ•‘ November 2015

Beyond Convenience: Take a look inside the Gator Tech Smart House, a University of Florida project that uses home-automation tools to empower the elderly and disabled.

πŸ•‘ September 2011

Career goal: help create the necessary elements of an ecosystem for tomorrow's smart space industry

πŸ•‘ August 2011

Beware - The Aging Boomers are Coming. (In German)

πŸ•‘ June 2011

Your Cute Robot Knows Where You Are.

πŸ•‘ March 2010

In Your Walls, In Your Clothes, in Your MailBox

πŸ•‘ March 2008

High-Tech Home Devices Spur 'Smart' Health Care

πŸ•‘ July 2007

University of Florida and IBM Use Open Standards to Boost the Power of Healthcare Devices

πŸ•‘ July 2007

From UF and IBM, a Blueprint for β€œSmart” Health Care.

πŸ•‘ July 2007

A Smarter World for Charlie - UF-IBM Joint Production

πŸ•‘ September 2007

Doctors Without Wires

πŸ•‘ July 2007

IBM, University of Florida Team Up on Smart Devices

πŸ•‘ July 2007

Smart House of the Future Built Today

πŸ•‘ May 2007

Eclipse Foundation Hosts UF/IBM STEPSTONE Open Source Project. Currently, STEPSTONE is hosted by and at the Open Health Tools open source organization specializing in eHealth software.

πŸ•‘ August 2006

Discovery Channel Beyond Tomorrow TV Show features the Gator Tech Smart House at the University of Florida, and airs world-wide

πŸ•‘ August 2006

Blind Navigation

πŸ•‘ August 2004

Smart House Thinks for Itself

πŸ•‘ May 2004

THE SMART HOUSE: At UF, Matilda the Mannequin is Helping Seniors Stay at Home, Independently

πŸ•‘ September 2004

Tapping Technology for Elder Care

πŸ•‘ May 2004

Safe at Home: 'Smart' experiment may hold key to keeping seniors independent

πŸ•‘ March 2004

Computers and Sensors Find a Home in Senior's Project

πŸ•‘ March 2004

Baby Boomers Take Note. Your Smart House Will Soon be Taking Care of You

πŸ•‘ February 2004

For the Elderly, UF's Experimental House is a Smart Idea

πŸ•‘ January 2004

"Smart House" Keeps Tabs On Elderly - Explore Magazine: Research at UF

πŸ•‘ November 2003

House with a Brain: UF Researchers Develop House for Aging People

πŸ•‘ October 2002

Drishti - Step-by-Step Prompts Put the Blind on Track

πŸ•‘ October 2002

Drishti Navigation for the Blind

πŸ•‘ April 2001

Gadgets to Sell Phones - The First Mobile Computing Applications Competition in the CLassroom

πŸ•‘ January 1999

Dr. Helal to launch the First Wireless Classroom at the University of Florida, Marking the Beginning of the Wireless Campus Project