Professor Sumi Helal, Ph.D.

Director and Principle Investigator
Mobile & Pervasive Computing Laboratory
Rooms E451-447, Computer Science & Eng. Bldg.
P.O.Box 116120, University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida 32611-6120, USA
Office: (352) 214-0736
Fax: (352) 392-1220
Email: helal AT cise DOT ufl DOT edu

Postdocs and Visitors

Current Visitors

Javier Rojo
PhD candidate
Department of Computer and Telecommunication Systems
University of Extremadura, Spain

Past Visitors

Dr. Xin Liu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
China University of Petroleum, China [2016]

Dr. Minsoo Lee, Ph.D
Ewha Womans University, South Korea [2015-2016]

Matteo Lelli
Visiting Researcher
Bologna University, Italy [2015-2016]

Antonello D'Aloia
Visiting Researcher
University of Bologna, Italy [2015-2015]

Dr. Jiangtao Wang, Ph.D.
Visiting Scholar
Peking University, China [2014-2014]

Dr. Yunsick Sung, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Keimyung University, South Korea [2011-2013]

Dr. Yung-Cheol Byun, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Jeju National University, South Korea [2012-2013]

Dr. Kyungeun Cho, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dongguk University, South Korea [2011-2012]

Dr. Eun-Sun Cho, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Chungnam Nat'l University, South Korea [2010-2011]

Jung Wook Park
Visiting Researcher
Ajou University, South Korea [2008-2010]

Dr. Andres Mendez, Ph.D.
Postdoc Researcher
University of Florida, USA [2008-2009]

Dr. Hyun Kim, Ph.D.
Research Visitor
ETRI, South Korea, [2007-2008]

Dr. Shinyoung Lim, Ph.D.
Postdoc Researcher
University of Florida, USA [2006-2008]

Dr. Bessam Abdulrazak, Ph.D.
Postdoc Researcher
University of Florida, USA [2005-2007]

Dr. Choonhwa Lee, Ph.D.
Postdoc Researcher [03-04]
Visiting Researcher [10-11]
Hanyang Univ., South Korea

Steve Moore, M.S.
Computer Science Research Scientist

Ph.D Students

Dr. Wesley Hutchinson, MBBS
Currently PhD candidate in Digital Health at Lancaster University, UK, and a General Practitioner with NHS, England.
Dissertation: Real-time understanding of personality and cognitive biases in clinical error.

Susann Keohane
Currently PhD candidate in Aging Research at Lancaster University, UK (online program), and Global Leader for Healthy Aging and Longevity, IBM Research, Austin, Texas.
Dissertation: Adoption and acceptance of technology by self-isolated older adults during a global pandemic

Masters Students

None currently.

Graduated Doctoral Students

Dr. Wyatt Lindquist
Graduated Fall 2020 from Lancaster University, UK
Now with Yext
Dissertation: IoT Requirements and Architecture for Personal Health

Dr. Ahmed Khaled
Graduated Summer 2018
Now Associate Professor with Northeastern Illinois University
Dissertation: Architecture and Programming Model for the Social Internet of Things

Dr. Quincy Liu
Graduated Summer 2016
Product Manager with Guide Park, China.
Dissertation: Human Activity Simulation Modeling in Smart Spaces

Dr. Jae Woong (JW) Lee
Graduated Summer 2015
Now Assistant Professor at State University of New York, Oswego
Dissertation: Context-driven Approach for High Realism, Scalable Simulation of Human Activities in Smart Spaces

Dr. Yi Xu
Graduated Fall 2014
Now with Google
Dissertation: Architecture and Optimizations for Cloud Sensor Systems

Dr. Eunju Kim
Graduated Spring 2013
Dissertation: Knowledge Assisted Human Activity Recognition For Improved Accuracy and Programmability

Dr. Duckki Lee
Graduated Spring 2013
Now with LG Electronics Innovation Lab
Dissertation: Models and A Framework for Cyber Human Persuasion

Dr. Chao Chen
Graduated Fall 2012
Now with Amazon
Dissertation: A Programming Model for Safer Pervasive Spaces

Dr. Raja Bose
Graduated Fall 2008
Product Management Leader with Amazon Alexa Auto
Dissertation:Scalable Query Processing in Service-Oriented Sensor Networks
Defense Presentation: Presentation

Dr. Hen-I Yang
Graduated Summer 2008
Dissertation: Safety-Oriented Programming Models for Pervasive Computing Environments

Dr. Jeffery King
Graduated Spring 2007
Dissertation: Atlas - Service Oriented Device Architecture
Defense Presentation: Presentation

Dr. Hisham Zabadani
Graduated Summer 2006
Dissertation: Self Sensing Spaces
Defense Presentation: Presentation

Dr. Erwin Jansen
Graduated Fall 2005
Dissertation: Context Driven Programming Model for Pervasive Spaces

Dr. Mohammad Al-Turkistany
Graduated Spring 2006
Now Department Head at Umm Al-Qura University
Dissertation: Adaptation Framework for Wireless Thin-Client Computing
Defense Presentation: Presentation

Dr. Ahmed Abukmail
Graduated Fall 2005
Now Associate Professor at the University of Houston
Dissertation: Pervasive Computing Approach to Energy Management
Defense Presentation: Presentation

Dr. Jun (Jacky) Tian
Graduated Fall 2005
President & CEO at BDE Technology Co. LTD
Dissertation: Speed Adaptive Mobile IP Over Wireless LAN
Defense Presentation: Presentation

Dr. Wenzheng Gu
Graduated Fall 2003
Dissertation: Ubiquitous Web Caching
Defense Presentation: Presentation

Dr. Choonhwa Lee
Graduated Spring 2003
Now Professor in Hanyang University
Dissertation: Context-Aware Service Discovery Protocols for Pervasive Computing
Defense Presentation: Presentation

Dr. Edwin Hernandez
Graduated Summer 2002
Now CEO Egla Communications.
Dissertation: Managing Rapid Mobility in 3G/4G Wireless Networks
Defense Presentation: Presentation

Dr. Jinsuo (Allan) Zhang
Graduated Spring 2002
Now with Google
Dissertation: The UbiData Mobile File System
Defense Presentation: Presentation

Dr. Jie Meng
Graduated Spring 2002
Now with Google
Dissertation: Adaptive and Dynamic Workflow Automation (Joint Advising with Professor Stanley Su)
Defense Presentation: Presentation

Dr. Magdy Ahmed
Graduated Summer 1997
Now with Alexandria University, Egypt
Dissertation: Optimal Searching and Insertion in Multi-Dimensional Data with Skewed Access Distribution

Dr. Yousry Taha
Graduated Summer 1997
Now with Alexandria University, Egypt
Dissertation: Managing Data, Task Dependency, and Consistency in Data Warehousing

Graduated Masters Students - All Thesis Option

Prithvi Raj
Graduated Fall 2012
Palantir - Crowdsourced Newsification Using Twitter. Now with Knewton.
Shantonu Hossain
Graduated Summer 2010
Persim: A Simulator of Human Activities in Pervasive Environments. Now with Intel.
Anil Moola
Graduated Fall 2007
Selectivity Estimation of Sensor Data in SENSABLE.
Raja Bose
Graduated Spring 2007
PROMETHEUS: An Enhanced Software Architecture for the Atlas Platform. Now with Synaptics.
Ahmad Al-Kouche
Graduated Fall 2006
Self Powered Wireless Sensors: Remotely Powered Wireless Sensors via Wireless Power Transfer.
James Russo
Graduated Fall 2004
An OSGI Based Framework for an Intelligent Sensor Network.
Young Park
Graduated Fall 2004
Transaction Processing in the UbiData Mobile Database System.
Satish Kumar Veerapuneni
Graduated Summer 2004
Benchmarking Smart Homes. Now with Intel Wireless Group.
Andi Sukujo
Graduated Spring 2004
SmartWave - Intelligent Meal Preparation System to Help Older People Live Independently. Now with Agilent
Mihir Patel
Graduated Spring 2004
I Collaboration Groupware for Mobile Devices Using the Microsoft.NET Compact Framework. Now with CITRIX
YingChun (Lisa) Ran
Graduated Spring 2003
Integrated Indoor/Outdoor Navigation System for the Blind. Now with Motorola,Inc.
Baldeep Singh
Graduated Spring 2003
Security enhancement to Bluetooth. Now with General Electric .
Corneliu Manescu
Graduated Fall 2002
Video and Voice Coding for Mobile Ad-Hoc Collaboration. Now with Microsoft.
Pushkar Pradhan
Graduated Fall 2002
Maintaining Consistent Group Membership in Ad Hoc Networks.
Peter Handel
Graduated Fall 2002
Multimedia Delivery in Wireless Environments. Now with Apple .
Subramanian Arumugam
Graduated Fall 2002
aZIMa Mobile Agent System.
Sapan Anand
Graduated Fall 2002
BlueSec - A Bluetooth Stack Extension for Secure Service Access. Now with Epic Systems.
Sasidah Parvatham
Graduated Fall 2002
A Bluetooth LAN Access Profile Simulator
Yanli Xia
Graduated Fall 2002
Currency based Dynamic Database Design and Reconfiguration. Now with Microsoft.
Jingting Lu
Graduated Summer 2002
Web Service based User Centric Information Fusion. Now with Medacist .
Ajay Kang
Graduated Summer 2002
Algorithms for Reduced Content Document Synchronization. Now with Microsoft Corporation.
Bryon Winkler
Graduated Summer 2002
HIgh Precision Inddor Location/Positioning Tracking Systems. Now with Harris Corporation.
Sree Charan Kuchibhotla
Graduated Summer 2002
An OSGi based infrastructure for the Smart Homes of the future. Now with Epic Systems Corporation.
Dushiant Kochhar
Graduated Summer 2002
Proxy Gator - A Server-side Wireless Toolkit. Now with Microsoft Corporation.
Steve Moore
Graduated Spring 2002
Drishti - Wireless and Mobile Navigation System for the Blind. Now the RERC Center at the University of Florida.
Varun Verma
Graduated Spring 2002
KONARK - A ServiceDelivery Protocol for Ad-hoc Networks. Now with Citrix Systems Corporation.
Madhav Chinta
Graduated Spring 2002
ILC-TCP: An Interlayer Collaboration Protocol for TCP Performance Improvement in Mobile and wireless Environments. Now with Citrix Systems Corporation.
Nitin Desai
Graduated Spring 2002
KONARK - An Ad-Hoc Service Discovery Protocol. Now with Citrix Systems Corporation.
Michael Procopio
Graduated Spring 2002
YCab.NET: Ad-Hoc Groupware API and Framework for Mobile Collaboration. Now with Sandia National Labs.
Kyung Joo Suh
Graduated Fall 2001
CRYPTO-AD-HOC Network: An Ad hoc Network Protocol Embedded Cryptography. Now with Samsung, Korea.
David Nordstedt
Graduated Fall 2001
uJini - A Service Discovery and Delivery Infrastructure for Pervasive Computing. Now with Phoneomena.
Vidya Renganarayanan
Graduated Fall 2001
Web Agents Programming Model. Now with Brocade Communications Systems.
Tapan Divekar
Graduated Summer 2001
PEMOCO –An Infrastructure for Personal M-Commerce using Java Enabled Smart Phones. Now with Citrix Systems Corporation.
Kevin Birkett
Graduated Summer 2001
Implementation of a Mobile / Wireless Video Delivery System.
Rajanikanth Kanyaboina
Graduated Summer 2001
e-Staurant: A Software Infrastructure for restaurant management . Now with General Electric Medical Systems
Arun Jagatheesan
Graduated Summer 2001
Architecture and Protocols for Sangam Communities and Sangam E-Service Brokering. Now with San Diego Supercomputer Center
Raja Krithivasan
Graduated Summer 2001
BIZBUILDER: An E-services Framework for Internet Workflow. Now with Verizon.
Amar Nalla
Graduated Summer 2001
AZIMAS – Almost Zero Infrastructure Mobile Agents System. Now with Microsoft Corporation
Subodh Shah
Graduated Spring 2001
CAD-HOC: A CAD Like Tool for Generating Mobility Benchmarks in Ad-Hoc Networks. Now with Cisco Systems
Abhinav Khshraj
Graduated Spring 2001
IncCoda: Incremental Hoarding and Reintegration in Mobile Environments. Now with Citrix Systems Corporation
Sam Coons
Graduated Spring 2001
Virtual Wireless Thin Client. Now with Philips Healthcare.
Rick Loy
Graduated Spring 2001
Active Mode Power Management in Mobile Devices.
Latha Sampath
Graduated, Fall 2000
Wireless and Mobile Video Delivery. Now with Microsoft.
Cumhur Aksoy
Graduated, Spring 2000
Wireless Thin Client Optimization for Multimedia Applications. Now with Citrix Systems Corporation
Dominik Buszko
Graduated, Summer 2000
Light Weight API for Ad-Hoc Mobile Collaboration. Now with Motorola, Inc
Dan Lee
Graduated, Summer 2000) : Decentralized, Ad-Hoc Groupware API and Framework for Mobile Collaboration. Now with Motorola, Inc
Siva Ramamurthy
Graduated Summer 2000
Optimizing Thin Clients for Wireless Computing via Localization of Keyboard Activities During High Network Latency. Now with Hewlett Packard
Hua Li
Graduated, Fall 1999
Modernization of The Rainbow Distributed Database System. Now with Sarnoff Corporation
Mei Wang
Graduated, Fall 1999
Service-Centric Brokering in Dynamic e-Business Communities. Now with Cendant.
Santosh Balakrishnan
Graduated, Summer 1996
Location-Sensitive Naming Service for Mobile Computing nvironments
Jamie Patterson
Graduated, Summer 1996
A Workflow-based Management of Data Warehouses
Mike Pafford
Graduated, Fall 1995
Distributed Transaction Processing Standards and a Proposal for Mobile X/Open XA. Now with Camber Corporation.
Ravi Badrachalam
Graduated, Fall 1995
Enterprise Modeling Using Distributed Interoperable Objects. Now Principle with Accenture.
Yuan (David) Yaowu
Graduated Spring 1995
Dynamic Data Allocation Strategies in Parallel Database Systems
Bob Welch
Graduated Fall 1994
A Resilient Application-Level Failure Detection System for Distributed Computing Environments
Judson Fortner
Graduated, Summer 1994
Scalability of Database Systems, A Performance Evaluation Approach
Vinay Rao
Graduated, Spring 1994
Message Scheduling and Integrated Task-Message Scheduling in Distributed Real-Time Systems
Tunghui Ku
Graduated, Spring 1993
Adaptive Concurrency Control and Transaction Scheduling.