Yeralan Wins UF Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Nuri YeralanIn April 2013, the UF Graduate Teaching Assistant Award was given to Sencer Nuri Yeralan, Computer and Information Science and Engineering. Only about 20 graduate students are given this award at UF each year. Awards to engineering students are very rare: Nuri is the third engineering student to win this award since it was established in 2003.

Nuri’s citation, which was read out loud at the ceremony:

He taught COP 4431, Object Oriented Programming. Will students eventually bypass classroom learning completely? With the availability of internet services today the answer is uncertain. Sencer believes classroom instructors are vital to the continued success of our education programs. He approaches this challenge by developing and delivering engaging lectures that examine relevant non-trivial problems and by using different approaches in discovering a solution. In his course, they discuss not only how to build software theoretically, but practically and efficiently. By introducing novel problems and posing complex questions, Sencer motivates and challenges his students to leverage global technological assets and information. Congratulations for this teaching award!

Computer & Information Science & Engineering
Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering