UF CISE Ranks No. 20 in Top Coders at U.S. Universities

Via Fast Company

With early college admissions underway for many universities around the country, we got to thinking: Which colleges have the best coders in the world?

While there are academic rankings, like the Top Computer Science Programs by U.S. News & World Report, there is no list that ranks colleges purely by their students’ ability to code. The criteria for the U.S. News & World Report, for instance, includes the number of research papers produced, global research reputation, and the number of conferences. In fact, practical coding skills aren’t even part of their methodology at all.

We decided to answer the question: Which universities have students who can roll up their sleeves and code?

At HackerRank, millions of developers, including hundreds of thousands of students, from around the world regularly solve coding challenges to improve their coding skills. In order to figure out which colleges have the best coders, we hosted a major University Rankings Competition. Over 5,500 students from 126 schools from around the world participated in the event. Companies also assess developers’ coding skills using HackerRank to hire great developers.

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