Internet Technical Committee Best Paper Award

Ahmed Helmy, Ph.D., and his former Ph.D. student (Dr. Gautam Thakur, UF graduate, now at Oakridge National Labs) received the InternetTC Best Paper 2013 award from the Internet Technical Committee (ITC), in coordination with IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc).

The announcement was made on Jun 21, 2015.

The paper — “COBRA: A Framework for the Analysis of Realistic Mobility Models” [IEEE INFOCOM – GLobal Internet Symposium] — was the only paper selected for the ITC best paper award from the papers published in seven IEEE conferences for that year, with ~190 eligible IEEE published papers.

All these conferences are endorsed by the IEEE Communications Society (sometimes with other IEEE societies, e.g., IEEE Computer, and/or ACM SIGs).

The ITC best paper committee includes IEEE and ACM fellows that are among the leaders in the networking and Internet research fields. The participating IEEE conferences for this award are:

  1. IEEE INFOCOM – The 16th IEEE International Global Internet Symposium – Turin, Italy
  2. IEEE CloudNet – IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking – San Francisco, CA
  3. IEEE SaCoNeT – The 4th IEEE International Conference on Smart Communications in Network Technologies – Paris, France
  4. IEEE ITC – IEEE International Test Conference – Anaheim, CA
  5. IEEE NETGAMES – The 12th Annual Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games (In cooperation with ACM SIGCOMM & SIGMM) – Denver, CO
  6. IEEE NOF – The 4th International Conference on the Network of the Future – Pohang, South Korea
  7. IEEE SDN4FNS – IEEE Software Defined Networks for Future Networks and Services Conference (also sponsored by IEEE Computer Society) – Trento, Italy

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