CISE Special Topics Courses – Summer 2021

Special topics courses provide an opportunity for in-depth study of topics not offered elsewhere and of topics of current significance.  

  • CIS4930 for undergraduate students
  • CIS6930 for graduate students

Brief descriptions and expected prerequisites can be found below.

Performant Programming in Python

Course number(s): CIS4930
Instructor: Jeremiah Blanchard
Prerequisites: COP 3530
This course focuses on utilizing the flexibility of an interpreted / scripting language (such as Python) paired with features made available through low-level bindings (such as threading, process manipulation, and computational libraries in machine code) to build software that is extensible, robust, and performant. To this end, in this course we will explore several features that afford programmers the flexibility of programming in python while utilizing high-performance bindings for input-output processing, platform-specific enhancements, networking, audio-visual features, and matrix computation.