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Transfer Admission Policies

For advisement, students should contact a CISE Academic Advisor or visit the CISE Student Services Center (E405 CSE Building)

The CISE department's policies on transferring into the Computer Engineering program are the following:

  • A student can only transfer in six Computer Engineering Major courses, including Technical Elective courses. (A student can gain equivalency for any remaining required courses, e.g., Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry/Biology, Engineering Core, and Ethics.) These six courses must be determined, in writing, by College of Engineering faculty as being equivalent to the required courses. Therefore, you are required to bring course descriptions, as well as syllabi, tests and other paperwork which may aid in obtaining equivalency. International students must supply "officially translated" copies of paperwork for equivalency. Transfer students should be aware that obtaining equivalency takes time. If a student intends to obtain equivalency for upper division courses, then that student should take the necessary actions prior to transfer orientation. The CISE department strictly enforces prerequisites for all CISE courses. Therefore, you can not enroll in a course until you have satisfied its prerequisites via equivalency if necessary.
  • A student must fulfill the exact hour requirement for General Education, Mathematics, Engineering Core, and Ethics. The conversion from a quarter to a semester system produces course credits which do not meet the hourly requirement. For example, a student transferring from a quarter system may have 2.6 credits for Calculus I, when the Computer Engineering Program requires 4.0 credits for Calculus I. This difference of 1.4 credits must be satisfied by taking an additional Math course. All transfer students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of Mathematics (not including the required Linear Algebra and Statistics requirements), 18 hours of General Education courses, five hours of Engineering Core, and one hour of Ethics.

A typical international transfer student would have on average 86 (seven semesters) credit hours of coursework remaining because of the lack of General Education courses required in most international degree programs. A typical domestic transfer student from another academic institution would have on average 77 (six semesters) credit hours of coursework remaining.

More Information

Interested students should contact a CISE Academic Advisor or visit the CISE Student Services Center (E405 CSE Building).