3 Faculty Members to Receive UF Term Professorships

Faculty members Lisa Anthony, Ph.D.; Prabhat Mishra, Ph.D.; and Jorg Peters, Ph.D.; from the Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering have been selected to receive the University of Florida Term Professorship award for 2019-2022.

The University Term Professorship was established in 2016 and is presented to 250 eligible faculty members annually. Selection of the professorships is based on an assessment of academic accomplishment by either a faculty advisory committee and/or the department chair and approved by the dean of the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering. Each award runs for 3 years and provides a $5,000 per year salary supplement to the awardee.

Lisa Anthony, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Human-Centered Computing, Machine Learning

Prabhat Mishra, Ph.D.
Research Areas: Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems, Energy-Aware Computing, Formal Verification, Hardware Security and Trust, Post-Silicon Debug, System-on-Chip Validation

Jorg Peters, Ph.D.
Research Areas: Graphics and Visualization, Human-Centered Computing

Allison Logan
Marketing & Communications Specialist
Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering