Swarm-NG  1.1

Swarm-NG is a collection of code to help scientists and engineers harness the power of GPUs. In the early releases, Swarm-NG will focus on the integration of an ensemble of N-body systems evolving under Newtonian gravity. There are existing libraries to perform the force calculation for large-N systems on GPUs. Swarm-NG does not replicate these, but rather focuses on integrating an ensemble of many systems where N is small. This is of a partiular interest for astronomers who study the chaotic evolution of planetary systems. In the long term, we hope Swarm-NG will allow for the efficient parallel integration of user-defined systems of ordinary differential equations.

Aaron Boley, Saleh Dindar, Eric B. Ford, Mario Juric, Young In Yeo, and others from the Swarm-NG development team

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Licensing, Citing & Acknowledging Swarm-NG

Citing Swarm-NG

When writing papers which made use of Swarm-NG, we strongly encourage you to cite the following technical paper describing Swarm-NG and the Swarm-NG Website.

Licensing Information

  • Swarm-NG v1.0 may be licensed under the GPL v3, that is included in the Swarm-NG release (docs/gpl-3.0.txt).


Swarm-NG is the product of a collaboration between astrophysicists and computer scientists. The major contributors to the current Swarm-NG codebase are Saleh Dindar, Eric Ford and Mario Juric.

The Swarm-NG library includes code reused or adapted from:

We are happy to acknowledge financial support from:

We acknowledge additional support from:

Further Information

Additional documentation is avaliable from http://www.astro.ufl.edu/~eford/code/swarm/docs/

For a Google Group with mailing list archives see http://groups.google.com/group/swarm-ng

For more information see http://www.astro.ufl.edu/~eford/code/swarm/

Source code is hosted on http://github.com/AstroGPU/swarm .