Swarm-NG  1.1
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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oNboostAutomatically mark a std::pair of PODs as a POD
oNgpulogClass template pktsize<> and supporting classes and templates that enable the compile-time calculation of log record layout (byte offsets to which the data will be stored)
oNpeytonType traits utilities. Should be separated into it's own header
|oNconstantsVarious physical and mathematical constants
||\NbinaryAuxiliary/debug variables/methods are found here
|\NutilString processing functions, type name demangling,
oNswarmSwarm-NG library
|oNgpuGPU-based integrators and other GPU tools
||\NbpptClass of GPU integrators with a thread for each body-pair
|oNlogThe event/data logging system for swarm
|oNmonitorsNamespace for monitors (i.e., stoppers & loggers) and their associated classes
|oNqueryThis namespace contains routines for opening and querying a swarm log file
|\NsnapshotStatic class containing methods to load/save ensembles to file
\NswarmngPython interface to the Swarm-NG library
 oNlogdbInterface to the Log files generated by bdb_writer plugin
 oNlogrecordContains the support functions for accessing the C++ logrecord data strcture
 \Nrange_typeClasses for defining arbitrary ranges easily in Python