Jorg Peters
Dept of CISE
U of Florida
Gainesville FL 32611 - 6120
jorg.peters at
room E328, CSE Bldg
fax: (352) 392-1220
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Fall 22 Computer Graphics
Spring 22 Data Sci 4770
Fall 21 Adv Comp Gfx 6701
Spring 21 Computer Graphics 4730
Fall 20 Computer Graphics 5705
Spring 20 Computer Graphics 4730
Fall 19 Geometric Modeling
Spring 18 Numerical Analysis  
Fall 17 3D Game Physics

senior projects: interactive graphics

SurfLab seminar: contact Jennifer

Modeling and computing with geometry: computer graphics, geometric design, numerical computations and simulations (surgery simulation with force feedback)
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PhD candidates (postdoc)
1999 -- now
Subdivision Surfaces Subdivision Surfaces
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Graphical Models
Associate editor of
ACM Transactions on Graphics 2001-17
Applied Numerical Mathematics
Computer Aided Geometric Design
Computer Aided Design
Computers & Mathematics with Applications