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    Digital Health
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Mobile and pervasive computing at the University of Florida means exciting research, cutting-edge technology innovation, and solid educational training. Professor Sumi Helal is directing several research projects in the areas of Smart Spaces (new technological enablers, architectures, ecosystem, intelligent interactions, and real-world deployments), Internet of Things (IoT) (thing architectures, scalable cloud-sensor architectures for smart cities, IoT programmability, and city-scale IoT optimizations), Digital Health (Health IoT architectures and requirements, Compressive Population Health, Health Analytics and AI/ML, Mobile Health, and real-time, AI-based assistive technology in General Practice decision making), and Assistive Technology (successful aging, affective and persuasive interactions, context-driven simulation, and assistive technology for the blind and hearing impaired).

PhD and Masters (thesis option) Students interested in joining the Mobile and Pervasive Computing Lab should send a two page research statement describing what they aspire to pursue and achieve as part of their theses/dissertations.