• UF Sparse Matrix Collection

    List of matrix groups in the UF Sparse Matrix Collection:

    Group # matrices details description
    ACUSIM 1 details Computational fluid dynamics matrices from ACUSIM, Inc.
    AG-Monien 32 details AG-Monien Graph Collection, Ralf Diekmann and Robert Preis
    AMD 2 details Circuit simulation matrices from Ufuk Okuyucu, AMD, Inc.
    ANSYS 3 details Underdetermined systems needing well-conditioned bases to be found.
    ATandT 4 details Frequency domain analysis of large nonlinear analog circuits, AT&T.
    Alemdar 1 details A finite-element matrix from Bulent Alemdar, RAM International.
    Andrews 1 details Large eigenvalue problem from Stuart Andrews, Brown University, Rhode Island.
    Andrianov 16 details Matrices from Alexander Andrianov, SAS Institute Inc.
    Arenas 4 details Networks from Alex Arenas, Univeristy Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain
    Averous 4 details Matrices from David Averous, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INPT).
    Bai 78 details Matrices from Z. Bai, D. Day, J. Demmel, and J. Dongarra.
    Barabasi 3 details Notre Dame networks, A. Barabasi.
    Bates 3 details Statistical matrices, D. Bates, Univ. Wisconsin
    Belcastro 3 details Gene networks from V. Belcastro, TIGEM, Naples, Italy
    BenElechi 1 details Matrix from S. Ben Elechi, Arcelor, Inc. with many sparse right-hand sides.
    Bindel 6 details Coupled linear thermoeslasticity equations. D Bindel, UC Berkeley
    Bodendiek 5 details Curl-Curl operator of 2nd order Maxwell's equations, A. Bodendiek
    Boeing 32 details Structural engineering matrices from Roger Grimes, Boeing.
    Bomhof 4 details Matrices from circuit simulation problems. Wim Bomhof, Univ. Utrecht.
    Botonakis 6 details FEM thermal/mechanical problems from Ioannis Botonakis, Germany.
    Bourchtein 4 details Atmospheric modeling problems from Andrei Bourchtein
    Bova 1 details Model of Charleston Harbor. Steve Bova, Nichols Research Corporation.
    Brethour 2 details Numerical simulation of coating flows, from Jim Brethour.
    Brogan 1 details specular surface reconstruction problem,
    Brunetiere 1 details A matrix from Noel Brunetiere. Finite-element discretization of thermal problem.
    Buss 2 details Website recommendation system, Steven Buss, Univ. Florida
    Bydder 2 details MRI reconstruction matrices from Mark Bydder, UCSD.
    CEMW 4 details Electromagnetic problems from D. Isaak, Computational_EM_Works
    CPM 9 details Closest Point Method, Yujia Chen, Andy Wathen, Shengxin Zhu
    Cannizzo 1 details Structural engineering matrix (finite-element) from Fabio Cannizzo.
    Castrillon 1 details Counter-example matrix (denormal in A+alpha*I), J. Castrillon, Teledyne
    Chen 14 details Finite element matrices from Pu Chen, Peking University.
    Chevron 4 details 2D Helmholtz; Temporal freq. domain seismic modeling. J. Washbourne, Chevron
    Clark 1 details Tomographic reconstruction of a particle field in fluid flow, T. Clark
    Cote 2 details Vibroacoustic matrices from Andre Cote, Univ. Sherbrooke, Quebec.
    Cunningham 4 details Finite element matrices from Andrew Cunningham, Vibro-Acoustic Sciences, Inc.
    Cylshell 7 details Finite element analysis of cylindrical shells, R. Kouhia, Helsinki.
    DIMACS10 152 details 10th DIMACS Implementation Challenge
    DNVS 15 details Positive definite matrices from Christian Damhaug, DNV Software.
    DRIVCAV 26 details Driven cavity, finite element matrices from Yousef Saad (SPARSKIT2 collection).
    Dattorro 3 details Dattorro Convex Optimization of Eternity II, Jon Dattoro
    Davis 1 details Analysis of the MATLAB FileExchange, March 2010
    Dehghani 1 details Light transport in soft tissue, Hamid Dehghani, Univ. of Exeter, UK
    Dziekonski 5 details High order vector finite element method in electromagnetics
    Engwirda 1 details Unstructured 2D mesh (an airfoil) from Darren Engwirda.
    FEMLAB 9 details Test matrices from FEMLAB, a finite-element method toolbox for MATLAB.
    FIDAP 35 details Fluid dynamics, finite element matrices from Yousef Saad (SPARSKIT2 collection).
    Fluorem 5 details CFD matrices from Francois Pacull, FLUOREM, in Lyon, France
    FreeFieldTechnologies 1 details 3D vibro-acoustic problem, aircraft engine nacelle, from M. Gontier
    Freescale 7 details Circuit simulation matrices K. Gullapalli, Freescale Semiconductor
    GHS_indef 60 details Indefinite matrices collected by Nick Gould, Yifan Hu, and Jennifer Scott.
    GHS_psdef 32 details Positive definite matrices collected by Nick Gould, Yifan Hu, & Jennifer Scott.
    Gaertner 3 details Matrices from Dr. Klaus Gaertner, Weierstrass Institute Berlin.
    Garon 2 details Matrices from Andre Garon, Univ. of Montreal. 2D Navier-Stokes.
    Gleich 10 details Web matrices and wikipedia matrices from David Gleich, Stanford.
    Goodwin 2 details Fluide mechanics matrices from Ralph Goodwin, Univ. Illinois.
    Graham 1 details Finite element matrix from Dave Graham, Univ. of Illinois.
    Grund 22 details Matrices from Friedrich Grund, WIAS Berlin. Chemical process simulation.
    Gset 67 details Random graphs from Yinyu Ye, Univ. of Iowa.
    Gupta 3 details Linear programming matrices from Anshul Gupta, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center.
    HB 292 details The original Harwell-Boeing collection. Iain Duff, Roger Grimes, and John Lewis.
    HVDC 2 details Power simulation matrices from Alex Wang, Manitoba HVDC, Canada.
    Hamm 6 details Semiconductor simulation matrices from Steve Hamm, Motorola, Inc.
    Hamrle 3 details Circuit simulation matrices from Jaroslav Hamrle, RIKEN, Japan.
    Harvard_Seismology 1 details Earth's crust underneath Japan, Harvard Seismology Group.
    Hohn 6 details Single-material crack problem, Michael Hohn, Univ. of Utah.
    Hollinger 49 details Economic models from Peter Holinger, Intex Solutions, Inc.
    IBM_Austin 1 details Circuit simulation matrix from Emrah Acar, IBM Austin. High degree of coupling.
    IBM_EDA 7 details Circuit simulation matrices from Tim Lehner, IBM EDA.
    INPRO 1 details Parasol matrices, collected by Jacko Koster
    IPSO 7 details Power simulation matrices, Li Peijie, Inst. of Power Systems, Guangxi Univ.
    JGD_BIBD 21 details Balanced Incomplete Block Design from Mark Giesbrecht, Univ. of Waterloo
    JGD_CAG 3 details CAG matrix set from Michael Monagan, Simon Fraser Univ., Canada
    JGD_Forest 10 details Forests and Trees from Nicolas Thiery
    JGD_Franz 11 details Cohomology of various rings, from Matthias Franz, Univ. Konstanz, Germany
    JGD_G5 13 details Decomposable subspaces at degree d of the invariant ring of G5, Nicolas Thiery.
    JGD_GL6 5 details Differentials of the Voronoi complex of perfect forms of rank 6 mod GL_6(Z),
    JGD_GL7d 17 details Differentials of the Voronoi complex of perfect forms of rank 7 mod GL_7(Z)
    JGD_Groebner 8 details Gro"bner basis from Jean-Charles Fauge`res,
    JGD_Homology 128 details Simplicial complexes from Homology from Volkmar Welker.
    JGD_Kocay 12 details Brute force disjoint product matrices in tree algebra on n nodes, Nicolas Thiery
    JGD_Margulies 23 details Combinatorial optimization as polynomial eqns, Susan Margulies, UC Davis
    JGD_Relat 15 details Relations from Florent Hiver, Univ. Paris-Est Marne-La-Valle'e
    JGD_SL6 7 details Differentials of the Voronoi complex of perfect forms
    JGD_SPG 7 details Symmetric powers of graphs from Gordon Royle, Univ Western Australia
    JGD_Taha 2 details Taha matrix set from Abdul Salam Jarrah, New Mexico State Univ.
    JGD_Trefethen 11 details Diagonal matrices with primes, Nick Trefethen, Oxford Univ.
    Janna 18 details Finite element simulations: gas reservoir and structural problems. Univ Padova.
    Kamvar 2 details Web matrices from Sep Kamvar, Stanford University.
    Kemelmacher 1 details Computer vision problem from Ira Kemelmacher, Weizmann Inst., Israel.
    Kim 2 details 2D complex meshes, from Wonsik Kim, Korea.
    Koutsovasilis 2 details Symmetric indefinite matrix from P. Koutsovasilis, Tech. Univ. Dresden
    LAW 15 details Laboratory for Web Algorithmics (LAW), Università degli Studi di Milano
    LPnetlib 138 details NETLIB Linear Programming problems, www.netlib.org.
    Langemyr 1 details FEM structural mechanics matrix from Lars Langemyr, COMSOL.
    LeGresley 3 details Power flow analyses of electrical grids.
    Lee 2 details FEM, Electromagnetics, Center for Computational Electromagnetics, UIUC
    Li 2 details 3D magnetohydrodynamics finite element matrix from Ben Li, Washington State Univ.
    Lin 1 details Large sparse eigenvalue problem from Chun-hung (Martin) Lin. NCHC, Taiwan.
    LiuWenzhuo 1 details Power system simulation matrix from Wenzhou Liu, EPRI, China.
    Lourakis 1 details 3D vision matrices, M. Lourakis, Foundation for Research & Technology - Hellas.
    Lucifora 2 details GSM cell traffic matrices from Salvatore Lucifora, Telecom Italia Mobile.
    Luong 2 details Photogrammetry problem from Bruno Luong, FOGALE nanotech, France.
    MKS 1 details 2-D Fokker Planck equations, electron dynamics. Dan Smith, MKS Inst.
    Mallya 18 details Chemical process simulation matrices, J. Mallya, S. Zitney, M. Stadtherr.
    Mancktelow 1 details FEM viscoelastic behavior of rocks, Neil Mancktelow, ETH-Zentrum
    Marini 1 details Economic Time Series, T. Di Fonzo (Univ Padua) and M. Marini, (ISTAT, Italy)
    MathWorks 11 details Matrices contributed by The Mathworks, Inc.
    MaxPlanck 2 details Weather shallow water equations, Max-Planck Institute of Meteoroloy
    Mazaheri 1 details Sparse bundle adjustment problem from Mehdi Mazaheri, University of Calgary
    McRae 2 details circuitscape: circuit theory applied to animal/gene flow. B. McRae, UCSB
    Meng 1 details Jacobian matrix from a computational chemistry problem, iChem, China'
    Meszaros 166 details Linear programming problems from C. Me'sza'ros
    Mittelmann 30 details Linear programming problems from H. Mittelmann
    Moqri 1 details Document similarity graph for MIS articles, including metadata
    Morandini 3 details Multibody simulation problems from Marco Morandini.
    Muite 4 details Ill-conditioned Chebyshev integration matrices from Benson Muite, Oxford.
    Mulvey 2 details Multistage stochastic financial modelling. J. Mulvey, Princeton.
    ND 4 details ND problem set. 3D mesh problems.
    NYPA 8 details Rank-deficient least squares problems. D. Maragal, New York Power Authority
    Nasa 11 details NASA matrices obtained from Alex Pothen, ICASE and Old Dominion Univ.
    Nemeth 26 details A set of matrices from Karoly Nemeth, theoretical chemistry.
    Newman 16 details Network graph collection from Mark Newman, University of Michigan
    Norris 12 details Finite element modelling of human body parts. Stuart Norris, Univ. Aukland.
    Oberwolfach 38 details Oberwolfach model reduction benchmark collection
    Okunbor 2 details Acoustic radiation around aft duct fan. Walter Eversman and Daniel Okunbor.
    PARSEC 21 details PARSEC matrices, density functional theory. Zhou, Saad, Tiago, Chelikowsky, UMN.
    POLYFLOW 2 details Parasol matrices, collected by Jacko Koster
    Pajek 76 details Pajek data sets, V. Batagelj and A. Mrvar.
    Pereyra 1 details From Victor Pereyra, Stanford University.
    Pothen 22 details Structrual engineering matrices from NASA, collected by Alex Pothen.
    Priebel 6 details Quadratic sieve matrices from David Priebel, Tenn. Tech. Univ.
    Puri 4 details ABAQUS benchmarks: pt.loaded fluid-filled shell. Srinivasan Puri
    QCD 14 details Quantum Chromodynamics, B. Medeke, Univ. Wuppertal, Germany
    QLi 3 details Mixed complementarity optimization problems from Qaun Li and Michael Ferris.
    QY 2 details Transient stabilty constrained interior pt. optimal power flow, J. Quanyuan
    Qaplib 8 details Linear programming, lower bounds for quadratic assignment problem, M. Resende.
    Quaglino 2 details FEM discretization of a viscoplastic collision problem, Alessio Quaglino.
    Rajat 32 details Circuit simulation matrices from Rajat and Raj.
    Raju 1 details 3D laminar flow, M. Raju, Case Western Univ.
    Rommes 35 details Power system models from Joost Rommes, Nelson Martins, Francisco Freitas
    Ronis 2 details Crystalline compounds (zeolites,sodalites), D. Ronis, Univ. of McGill.
    Rost 1 details semiconductor device simulation, Johann Rost, Politechnia Univ., Bucharest.
    Rothberg 6 details Structural engineering matrices from Ed Rothberg, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
    Rucci 1 details ill-conditioned least-squares problem, A. Rucci
    Rudnyi 1 details 3D fluid flow: water in a tank. Evgenii Rudnyi, IMTEK
    SNAP 45 details Networks from SNAP (Stanford Network Analysis Platform) Network Data Sets,
    Sandia 192 details Circuit simulation matrices from Sandia National Laboratory.
    Sanghavi 1 details ECL32, a semiconductor device simulation matrix. Jagesh Sanghavi, UC Berkeley.
    Schenk 5 details Symmetric indefinite KKT matrices, O. Schenk, Univ. of Basel, Switzerland
    Schenk_AFE 16 details Sheet metal forming matrices, Olaf Schenk, Univ. of Basel.
    Schenk_IBMNA 52 details Non-linear optimization matrices, Olaf Schenk, Univ. of Basel.
    Schenk_IBMSDS 7 details Semiconductor device simulation matrices, Olaf Schenk, Univ. of Basel.
    Schenk_ISEI 18 details Semiconductor device simulation matrices, Olaf Schenk, Univ. of Basel.
    Schmid 2 details Unstructured FEM, steady state thermal problem. D. Schmid, Univ. Oslo
    Schulthess 3 details Biochemical networks from Pascal Schulthess, Inst. Pathology, Berlin
    Shen 4 details Matrices from Kai Shen, UCSB (now at Univ. of Rochester, NY).
    Shyy 2 details Computational fluid dynamics, viscous flow, Wei Shyy, Univ. Florida.
    Simon 12 details Structural engineering, computational fluid dynamics. Horst Simon.
    Sinclair 2 details 3-D spectral-element elastic wave modelling in freq. domain, C. Sinclair,
    Sorensen 1 details Call graph of the Linux kernel.
    Springer 1 details Tim Springer, Solenix (www.solenix.ch), Navigation Support Office,
    Stevenson 1 details Circuit optimization for digital circuits. John Peter Stevenson, Stanford.
    Sumner 1 details A computer graphics problem from Bob Sumner, PhD student at MIT (as of 2003).
    Szczerba 1 details Ill-conditioned CFD matrix from D. Szczerba, ETH Computer Vision Lab, Zurich.
    TKK 12 details Matrices from Reijo Kouhia, Structural Mechanics, Helsinki Univ. of Technology
    TOKAMAK 4 details TOKAMAK test matrices from the SPARSKIT2 collection, Yousef Saad, Univ. MN.
    TSOPF 27 details Transient stability-constrained optimal power flow, G. Geng, Zhejiang Univ.
    Toledo 1 details Null space problem, computer graphics domain. Matrices from Sivan Toledo.
    Tromble 1 details Finite-state machine model for natural language processing. Roy Tromble.
    UTEP 3 details Matrices from Lenka Dubcova, Jakub Cerveny, and Pavel Solin
    Um 2 details FEM, electromagnetics, 2 cubes in a sphere. Evan Um, Geophysics, Stanford
    VDOL 91 details Optimal control problems, Vehicle Dynamics & Optimization Lab, UF
    VanVelzen 10 details Chemical process simulation matrices from Nils van Velzen, VORtech Computing.
    Vavasis 1 details Irregular finite-element matrix from Steve Vavasis, Cornell.
    Wang 6 details 3D semiconductor device, 2D incompressible flow. S. Wang, Univ. New South Wales.
    Watson 2 details Chemical reaction simulation matrices from Layne Watson and Jingwei Zhang.
    Williams 7 details Matrices used by S. Williams et al for sparse matrix multiplication on GPUs.
    Wissgott 1 details Parabolic FEM problem from Phillip Wissgott, TU Vienna.
    YCheng 3 details Power system state simulation matrices Yunzhi Cheng, UT Arlington.
    YZhou 1 details Circuit simulation problem, Y. Zhou, Carleton Univ, Canada
    Yoshiyasu 2 details Image editting and mesh deformation problem from Y. Yoshiyasu, Keio Univ., Japan
    Zaoui 1 details Optimal power flow, nonlinear optimization (KKT), Fabrice Zaoui, RTE, France
    Zhao 2 details Reduced-order modeling, electromagnetics. A. Cangellaris and L. Zhao.
    Zitney 8 details Chemical engineering applications. S. Zitney, Cray Research.
    vanHeukelum 13 details DNA electrophoresis model. Alexander van Heukelum, Utrect Univ, The Netherlands.

    Total number of matrices in UF Sparse Matrix Collection: 2758

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    Matrix pictures by cspy, a MATLAB function in the CSparse package.