The SuiteSparse Matrix Collection (formerly known as the University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection)

I am now at Texas A&M University, with a home page of The UF Sparse Matrix Collection is still hosted at this site by the University of Florida. It will soon be hosted at a new primary wev site at Texas A&M University; this site will continue to be maintained and kept up to date as a mirror. My SuiteSparse package of sparse matrix solvers is hosted at

For a general-audience description of the matrices and images posted here, see our short note on Visualizing Sparse Matrices.

Click here for a presentation at the Harn Museum, University of Florida

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Maintained by Tim Davis and Yifan Hu, Yahoo! Labs.

From the abstract of the paper The University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection:

Archival Data for Reproducible Research

Sample Gallery of the SuiteSparse Matrix Collection:

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The images above of matrices in the UF Sparse Matrix Collection were created by Yifan Hu, AT&T. As of June 2015, it contains 2757 problems (some of which are sequences of dozens of matrices). The largest has a dimension of 118 million, and the matrix with the most nonzero entries has almost 2 billion of them. The matrices are available in three formats: MATLAB mat-file, Rutherford-Boeing, and Matrix Market.

This collection is managed by Tim Davis, with images created by Yifan Hu. ``Editors'' of other collections are attributed, via the Problem.ed field in each problem set. is the matrix creator. Other collections are always welcome.

Click here for a paper describing the collection (look in the list for Davis and Hu, 2011)

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UFgui Java interface:

The UFget package includes a Java program (UFgui) for browsing and downloading the matrices in any format on any platform. Below is a screenshot (click on it to download the code):

UFgui screenshot

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MATLAB and stand-alone Java GUI interfaces:

Julia interface:




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Sources of some matrices and related links

Graph drawings, by Yifan Hu

Yifan Hu, at Yahoo! Labs has created a graph drawing program that can generate truly beautiful drawings of a large graph, based solely on the connectivity (that is, a sparse matrix). Take a look at his drawings of the matrices in the UF Sparse Matrix Collection. Each square matrix in the UF Sparse Matrix Collection has a link to his graph drawings; clicking on them will bring up his web page for that matrix, including a link to a higher resolution image.

For a demo of how Yifan's algorithm works, see the GraphPlot function, which he wrote for Mathematica, or you can view it here by right-clicking the figure below and selecting "Play". (or just click "reload" on your browser).

Below is Yifan Hu's graph drawing of the Chen/pkustk01 matrix that I obtained from Pu Chen, Beijing University. The matrix is a model of the Beijing Botanical Garden Conservatory. Overlayed on top of the graph is a picture of the actual building.