• UF Sparse Matrix Collection

    UF Sparse Matrix Collection: ND group.

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    matrix graph Group/Name id download # rows # cols nonzeros type sym spd?
    ND/nd12k ND/nd12k ND/nd12k 938 MAT, MM, RB 36,000 36,000 14,220,946 real symmetric yes yes
    ND/nd24k ND/nd24k ND/nd24k 939 MAT, MM, RB 72,000 72,000 28,715,634 real symmetric yes yes
    ND/nd3k ND/nd3k ND/nd3k 936 MAT, MM, RB 9,000 9,000 3,279,690 real symmetric yes yes
    ND/nd6k ND/nd6k ND/nd6k 937 MAT, MM, RB 18,000 18,000 6,897,316 real symmetric yes yes

    Maintained by Tim Davis, last updated 10-Jun-2015.
    Matrix pictures by cspy, a MATLAB function in the CSparse package.
    See UFget to download directly into MATLAB.