CIS/CEN 4914: Senior Project/CISE-Design-2 - Spring 2021

Coordinator for CIS4914-Online: Dr. Mark Schmalz (email:
Department of Computer & Information Sciences
University of Florida

Coordinator for CIS/CEN4914-Residential: Dr. Sanethia Thomas (email:
Department of Computer & Information Sciences
University of Florida

This document is an aid to understanding your responsibilities as a graduating senior taking CIS 4914 or CEN 4914. You should carefully read this document and provide a copy to your advisor for his or her information regarding your responsibilities.

We are deeply grateful to Dr. Paul Fishwick for providing the original HTML source (Fall Semester, 1994) upon which this document is partially based. Additionally, Dr. Ralph Selfridge made valuable comments and furnished documentary support.

Course Syllabus for Spring 2021

What's News:

Registration for CIS/CEN 4914 is CLOSED as-of Friday 27 August 11.59pm

  • Please read the following two Web pages on Citation Format and Time Management

  • A. Overview. An overview of the course is given in the following four links. Read these carefully before choosing an advisor or project.

    B. Written Reports. A clear, understandable written report is absolutely essential to successful project completion. The following links outline the two written documents required for this class, with details of preferred report format.

    1. Project Planning Document -- Email that you send to advisor and supervisor during first week of class

    2. Project Final Report -- Hardcopy that you submit to advisor and supervisor during final week of class

    C. Oral Presentations. Additionally, three oral presentations are required, as follows:

    For your benefit, the following suggestions for a good presentation are provided:

    D. Miscellaneous Guidelines. There are a few simple things you can do to make your project a pleasant, successful experience.

    First, get started early, and keep up a steady, aggressive pace on the work. Don't implement a crash effort for the midterm and final presentations, with little or no work in between. This virtually ensures a shoddy result, as well as a (possibly) poor grade from your advisor.

    Second, make each paragraph that you write shine with clarity and conciseness. In the future, you will be known in your professional life by your written communications. These products should portray you as a well organized, clear-headed thinker and achiever.

    Third, make your presentations clear, understandable, and on time. Also, pay attention to your personal appearance at the final presentation, where business attire is required for each presenter (suit or jacket (with shirt and tie) for the men; dress, skirted suit, or trouser suit (with blouse) for the women; closed shoes and stockings for both men and women).

    Please avoid wearing cologne or perfume, as there may be people in the room with allergies that tend to be aggravated by the stress of giving a presentation.
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