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Ahmed Helmy
Professor & Graduate Coordinator
Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) Department
Founder and Director: Mobile Networking Laboratory (NOMADS group)
College of Engineering, University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611
email: helmy at ufl.edu

Current Students - Nomads Alumni - Researcher of the Year (Nomads Hall of Fame)

Current Students

Ph.D. Students

  1. Mimonah Qathrady (Started Summer '14). Topic: "Crowd Sourced Tracking and Prediction in P2P Mobile Networks: the i-Hospital case study" (tentative).
  2. Roozbeh Ketabi (Started Fall '14). Topic: "Modeling Vehicular Mobility and Networks" (tentative).
  3. Babak Alipour (Started Spring '15). Topic: "Mobile Networks Benchmarking" (tentative).

Nomads Alumni

Ph.D. Students

  1. Fan Bai, Ph.D., USC, Summer 2005 (IEEE Fellow 2016)[Now at General Motors Research Labs].
    Topic: "Mobility Modeling and Analysis in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks".
  2. Karim Seada, Ph.D., USC, Summer 2005 ['05 Smart Dust, '05-'11 Nokia Research Labs, '11- Huawei Innovation Center, Santa Clara].
    Topic: "Robustness of Geographic Protocols in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks".
  3. Debojyoti Dutta, Ph.D., USC, Summer 2004 [Now at Cisco](co-supervised with Ashish Goel and John Heideman).
    Topic: "Low-state Mechanisms to Protect the Network from Greedy and Malicious Agents".
  4. Narayanan Sadagopan, Ph.D., USC, Summer 2005 [Now at Yahoo! Search Optimization Division](co-supervised with Bhaskar Krishnamachari).
    Topic: "Mathematical Techniques for Optimizing Data Gathering in Sensor Networks".
  5. Kitae Nahm, Ph.D., USC, Spring 2005 ['05-'08 Samsung, '08- Microsoft](co-supervised with C.-C. Jay Kuo).
    Topic: "On the Scale of Probe Traffic for Transport Protocols".
  6. Yongjin Kim, Ph.D., USC, Summer 2006 [Now at QualComm].
    Topic: "Traceback for DoS Attack Detection using Small Worlds in Mobile Adhoc Networks"
  7. Jabed Faruque, Ph.D., USC, Spring 2007 [Now at Cisco].
    Topic: "Gradient-based Routing in Sensor Networks"
  8. Sapon Tanachaiwiwat, Ph.D., USC, Fall 2007 [Now at Innovative Scheduling].
    Topic: "Analysis of Worm Propagation and Interactions in Wired and Wireless Networks"
  9. Shao-cheng Wang, Ph.D., UF, Summer 2008 ['08-'11 Intel, '11- Broadcom, Sunnyvale].
    Topic: "A Unified Framework For Performance Analysis Of Contention-based Wireless MAC: Case Studies on QoS, Heterogeneity and Rate-adaptation In 802.11"
  10. Wei-jen Hsu, Ph.D., UF, Summer 2008 [Now at Cisco].
    Topic: "Behavioral Analysis, User Modeling, and Protocol Design based on Large-scale Wireless Network Traces"
  11. Shamim Begum, Ph.D., USC, Spring 2009 [Intel internship].
    Topic: "Error-oriented Test Generation for Wireless MAC Protocols"
  12. Shirin Ebrahimi, Ph.D., USC, Spring 2009 [Now at Microsoft].
    Topic: "Systematic Performance and Robustness Testing Framework for Transport Protocols with Congestion Control"
  13. Ganesha Bhaskara, Ph.D., USC, Fall 2009.
    Topic: "Systematic Testing of Protocols using Automatic Stress Topology Synthesis"
  14. Sungwook Moon, Ph.D., UF, Fall 2011 [Now at Microsoft].
    Topic: "Mobile Encounters: Pattern Analysis and Profile-based Mobile Networking Testbeds".
  15. Saeed Mughaddam (Graduated Fall '12. Now at Samsung Research Labs, San Jose, CA). Topic: "Big Data Mining of Mobile On-line Activity and Network Traffic in Behavior-aware Protocol Design"
  16. Gautam Thakur (Graduated Fall '12. Now at Oak Ridge National Research Labs, ORNL, Oak Ridge, TN). Topic: "Data-Driven Pedestrian and Vehicular Mobility Modeling in Large Mobile Networked Systems".
  17. Udayan Kumar (Graduated Fall '12. Now at Motorola Mobility (Google), Chicago, IL). Topic: "Trust, Privacy and Behavior Mining in Mobile Networks".
  18. Jeeyoung Kim. (Graduated Summer '13. Now at Samsung, Korea) Topic: "Predictability and Evolution of User Mobility in Wireless Networks".

(Mentor to) Master's Students

[I have also advised and supervised many other students at the MS and undergrad levels. Check C.V. for more details.]

Researcher of the Year (Nomads Hall of Fame)