Matrix: TKK/smt

Description: 3D model, thermal stress analysis of surface mounted transistor. R Kohia

TKK/smt graph
(undirected graph drawing)

TKK/smt graph

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    Matrix properties
    number of rows25,710
    number of columns25,710
    structural full rank?yes
    structural rank25,710
    # of blocks from dmperm1
    # strongly connected comp.1
    explicit zero entries3,602
    nonzero pattern symmetrysymmetric
    numeric value symmetrysymmetric
    Cholesky candidate?yes
    positive definite?yes

    authorR. Kouhia
    editorT. Davis
    kindstructural problem
    2D/3D problem?yes

    Additional fieldssize and type
    bfull 25710-by-1
    coordfull 25710-by-3


    Matrix problems from Reijo Kouhia, Structural Mechanics, Helsinki      
    University of Technology.    
    Surface mount transistor, 1704 reduced triquadratic elem, therm stress.
    This is a stiffness matrix from a thermal stress analysis of           
    a surface mounted transistor.  Due to symmetry only one half of        
    the model is discretized in 1704 standard reduced triquadratic elements
    (20 node serendipity).  There are 5 different materials.               
    The stiffness matrix is integrated by 3x3x3 Gaussian quadrature.       
    Separate load vector file is also available.                           
    Figure of the FE model can be seen in a separate description,          
    or downloaded as a postscript file from the contributors www-pages.    
    Reijo Kouhia, Helsinki University of Technology,                       
                   Laboratory of Structural Mechanics                      
                   PO Box 2100, 02015 HUT, Finland                         

    Ordering statistics:result
    nnz(chol(P*(A+A'+s*I)*P')) with AMD14,601,688
    Cholesky flop count1.4e+10
    nnz(L+U), no partial pivoting, with AMD29,177,666
    nnz(V) for QR, upper bound nnz(L) for LU, with COLAMD26,940,204
    nnz(R) for QR, upper bound nnz(U) for LU, with COLAMD65,904,871

    Note that all matrix statistics (except nonzero pattern symmetry) exclude the 3602 explicit zero entries.

    SVD-based statistics:
    null space dimension0
    full numerical rank?yes

    singular values (MAT file):click here
    SVD method used:s = svd (full (A))

    TKK/smt svd

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