Matrix: Rajat/rajat08

Description: Rajat/rajat08 circuit simulation matrix

Rajat/rajat08 graph
(undirected graph drawing)

Rajat/rajat08 dmperm of Rajat/rajat08

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    Matrix properties
    number of rows19,362
    number of columns19,362
    structural full rank?yes
    structural rank19,362
    # of blocks from dmperm163
    # strongly connected comp.1
    explicit zero entries0
    nonzero pattern symmetrysymmetric
    numeric value symmetrysymmetric
    Cholesky candidate?no
    positive definite?no

    editorT. Davis
    kindcircuit simulation problem
    2D/3D problem?no

    Ordering statistics:result
    nnz(chol(P*(A+A'+s*I)*P')) with AMD235,514
    Cholesky flop count1.2e+07
    nnz(L+U), no partial pivoting, with AMD451,666
    nnz(V) for QR, upper bound nnz(L) for LU, with COLAMD503,600
    nnz(R) for QR, upper bound nnz(U) for LU, with COLAMD925,184

    SVD-based statistics:
    null space dimension0
    full numerical rank?yes

    singular values (MAT file):click here
    SVD method used:s = svd (full (R)) ; where [~,R,E] = spqr (A) with droptol of zero

    Rajat/rajat08 svd

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    Matrix pictures by cspy, a MATLAB function in the CSparse package.
    Matrix graphs by Yifan Hu, AT&T Labs Visualization Group.