Matrix: Pajek/patents_main

Description: Pajek network: main NBER US Patent Citations, 1963-1999, cites 1975-1999

Pajek/patents_main graph Pajek/patents_main graph
(bipartite graph drawing) (graph drawing of A+A')

scc of Pajek/patents_main

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    Matrix properties
    number of rows240,547
    number of columns240,547
    # strongly connected comp.240,547
    explicit zero entries0
    nonzero pattern symmetry 0%
    numeric value symmetry 0%
    Cholesky candidate?no
    positive definite?no

    authorB. Hall, A. Jaffe, M. Tratjenberg
    editorV. Batagelj
    kinddirected weighted graph
    2D/3D problem?no

    Additional fieldssize and type
    appyearfull 240547-by-1
    catfull 240547-by-1
    classfull 240547-by-1
    datefull 240547-by-1
    subcatfull 240547-by-1
    yearfull 240547-by-1
    countryfull 240547-by-4
    nodenamefull 240547-by-7


    Pajek network converted to sparse adjacency matrix for inclusion in UF sparse 
    matrix collection, Tim Davis.  For Pajek datasets, See V. Batagelj & A. Mrvar,                                
    Regarding conversion for UF sparse matrix collection: in the original data    
    there are 561,060 weighted edges.  Of this, 117 are duplicates, with identical
    edge weights.  These extraneous edges have been removed in this version.      
    Also, the original data has auxiliary data for all 6,009,554 US Patents in the
    time period.  This patent network has only 240,547 patents, and the auxiliary 
    data (appyear, class, etc.) is matched here to the nodes of the graph.        

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    Maintained by Tim Davis, last updated 12-Mar-2014.
    Matrix pictures by cspy, a MATLAB function in the CSparse package.
    Matrix graphs by Yifan Hu, AT&T Labs Visualization Group.