Matrix: Pajek/GD97_b

Description: Pajek network: Graph Drawing contest 1997

Pajek/GD97_b graph
(undirected graph drawing)

scc of Pajek/GD97_b Pajek/GD97_b graph

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    Matrix properties
    number of rows47
    number of columns47
    # strongly connected comp.2
    explicit zero entries0
    nonzero pattern symmetrysymmetric
    numeric value symmetrysymmetric
    Cholesky candidate?no
    positive definite?no

    authorGraph Drawing Contest
    editorV. Batagelj
    kindundirected weighted graph
    2D/3D problem?no

    Additional fieldssize and type
    nodenamefull 47-by-30
    coordfull 47-by-2


    Pajek network converted to sparse adjacency matrix for inclusion in UF sparse 
    matrix collection, Tim Davis.  For Pajek datasets, See V. Batagelj & A. Mrvar,                                
    Regarding conversion for UF sparse matrix collection: in the original data    
    every edge appears exactly twice, with the same edge weight.  It could be a   
    multigraph, but it looks more like a graph.  The duplicate edges are removed  
    in this version.  You can always add them back in yourself; just look at 2*A. 
    The original problem had 3D xyz coordinates, but all values of z were equal   
    to 0.5, and have been removed.  This graph has 2D coordinates.                

    SVD-based statistics:
    null space dimension3
    full numerical rank?no
    singular value gap8.48707e+09

    singular values (MAT file):click here
    SVD method used:s = svd (full (A))

    Pajek/GD97_b svd

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    Maintained by Tim Davis, last updated 12-Mar-2014.
    Matrix pictures by cspy, a MATLAB function in the CSparse package.
    Matrix graphs by Yifan Hu, AT&T Labs Visualization Group.