You can either download a zipped file containing the XML data sources that make up the testbed or the benchmark consisting of 12 benchmark queries (XQuery 1.0) together with the appropriate test schemas for each query.

The current version is 1.6. For the change log and previous versions, please check this page.

Download Benchmark Package: Includes queries* and their reference and challenge university XML files and XSD schemas.

Download Testbed: Includes XML data and corresponding XSD schema for all universities of the testbed as well as the 12 benchmark queries*.

Download DataExtractor (HTMLtoXML) tool: Includes the wrapper tool used to extract source data provided in THALIA.

Download Sample Solution ( Available Soon ): As a third option, you can download a zipped file containing sample solutions to each of the benchmark queries including an XML Schema file describing the structure of the integrated XML result.


* The queries.xml file is best viewed with Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla Firefox. If you are using another browser, the contents may not display properly.