What is BezierView?

    BezierView (short bview) is a light weight viewer that renders Bezier patches, rational bezier patches and polygonal meshes. It provides a simple tool to analyse surfaces based on curvature plots, curvature needle plots, and highlight line plots.
    Currently no curvature plot for polygonal meshes is implemented.

UPDATE March 26, 2012:

BezierView has been ported to the Web! Check it out here.

Features :

  • Bezier/Rational Bezier surface rendering
  • Guassian/Mean/Max/Min curvature plot
  • Curvature needles
  • Highlight(reflection) lines
  • Patch grouping
  • Plane clipping
  • Position save/load

More Pictures

Data types :

  • Tensor product Bezier patches
  • Tensor product rational patches
  • Triangle Bezier patches
  • Polyhedron
  • PN triangles, PN quadrilateral patches

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