GPU Smoothing of Quad Meshes

Tianyun Ni, Young In Yeo, Ashish Myles, Vineet Goel and Jörg Peters

IEEE International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications (SMI)

Video clip

The video illustrates real-time displacement and animation.
It's captured with a camcorder to show real-time performance.
The fps rates in the video are lower than the ones in Table 4
since we captured it before we seperated ordinary and extraordinary quad conversion in the implementation

We present a fast algorithm for converting quad meshes on the GPU to smooth surfaces. Meshes with 12,000 input quads, of which 60% have one or more non-4-valent vertices, are converted, evaluated and rendered with 9×9 resolution per quad at 50 frames per second. The conversion reproduces bi-cubic splines wherever possible and closely mimics the shape of the Catmull-Clark subdivision surface by c-patches where a vertex has a valence different from 4. The smooth surface is piecewise polynomial and has well-defined normals everywhere. The evaluation avoids pixel dropout.