Citrus Diseases Fact Sheet Index


Citrus Pests and Diseases is a symptom based app for detecting and screening pests and diseases of citrus. It is an illustration based identification guide that encompasses citrus diseases and citrus pests that are in the United States as well as those of immediate concern. Search categories in the app include: scientific name, other common names, damages, symptoms, host range, references, and distribution with additional information about citrus pests and diseases. Fact sheets also include information on other pests and diseases which may be easily confused with a suspect citrus disease or citrus pest.

The Protect U.S. hand-held application component of the Citrus Diseases and Citrus Pests LUCID® resource ( ) is designed for use by small farm producers in the United States. Protect U.S. ( ) educational materials are designed for use by small farm producers, K-12, audiences, or the general public. Fact sheet content from the Citrus Diseases LUCID® tool and the Citrus Pest LUCID® tool was modified for small farm producers for the Protect U.S. app. The Protect U.S. Citrus Pests and Diseases application was funded by USDA-NIFA grant no. 2011-41533-31090 entitled “New Technologies and Educational Material to Address National Emerging Citrus Pests and Diseases.” The project was a partnership between the University of Florida/IFAS Extension, the University of California-Riverside, Texas A&M University, and USDA-APHIS-PPQ.