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Information on the
2003 Local UF Programming Competition
and the
2003 ACM Southeast Regional Programming Competition

Congratulations to all who participated in the 2003 UF Programming Competition!

2003 UF Programming Competition Results
Place Award Amount Name # Answered Correctly Penalty Points
1st $500 Xiaobin Wu 5 1,311
2nd $250 David Miao 5 1,479
3rd $100 Mark Chen-Quee 4 848
4th ---- Ashish Myles 4 865
5th ---- Chris Danek 4 1,049

Complete UF Programming Results

The 2003 ACM Southeast Regional Programming Competition

You must attend practices to try out for the UF teams!

Practices: Thursdays 5:30PM-8:30PM and Saturdays 1PM-5PM in the CSE Bldg. lab, 114/113/115/116.
Contest time: Friday/Saturday October 24-25th, 2003.
Contest location: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL. If we win there, we fly out to the world finals in Prague.
Eligible: Undergraduates and 1st/2nd year graduates at UF taking at least a half-load. May not possess a masters or doctorate. Age is irrelevant.

UF will be sending 3-4 teams of 3 people consisting of one grad and two undergraduates or three undergraduates. Every team must complete as many problems as they can from a pool of 8-10 within five hours. Each team gets one machine to work on, so one person codes while the others work on paper. Teams can bring any printed material they want.
Last year a UF team came in 5th out of ~80 teams. We expect to improve on that this year!
Practice Problems

Mail klawler@cise.ufl.edu for more info.

The 2003 UF Programming Competition

UPDATE 2: Starting two hours before the competition, at 11:00AM SHARP we will be running practice sessions and discussions of the rules to get everyone acquainted with how the day is going to run and to answer any questions. It is expected that everyone who can make this show up. Skip this at your own risk!

Specifically, we will do a trial run using a practice problem. If we have too many people showing up (i.e., people who failed to register), this problem may be used to determine who gets to compete.
So from 11:00AM to 1:00PM is prep time, then 1:00PM to 6:30PM is the official contest.

People have been asking compiler questions. The judges will be compiling your submitted source. Your source must compile under the plain Java 1.4 install (currently on sand.cise.ufl.edu but soon to be on all the lab machines), or for C/C++ the lab's Microsoft Visual or under gcc 3.1.1. This means no strange/non-standard libraries. If you are unsure, test some example source in the lab or at the practice session. Additionally, java users may request to download the trial version of JCreator BEFORE the timed contest begins.

All code you write during the competition must be from scratch (except for copy/pasting code you'vealready written during the competition). You may not download source (or any executables) or have templates or pre-written stuff prepared. The internet acess is for web-browsing only. Contestants will be monitored to ensure honesty.

UPDATE: Prior to assembling in the labs we will meet in the lecture hall CSE E119 on the bottom of the computer science building to discuss rules/format, last minute changes, and answer any questions. We might also have a guest speaker. In addition, this is where refreshments and pizza will be served.

Prizes: 1st: $500, 2nd: $250, 3rd: $100.
T-Shirts to the first 25 people who register early with Kevin Lawler by sending their name and intention to compete.
When: Saturday 1:00PM-6:30PM, September 27th, 2003.
Where: UF CSE Bldg computer lab, room 114(/113/115/116).
Eligible: All UF students

Arrive early to sign up. Free pizza and refreshments will be served. We may have a guest speaker from the Harris company.

Format: 5 hours to complete 10 programming problems. Problems are solvable by anyone with solid coding experience or a basic grasp of data structures. Detailed descriptions of the problems and sample input and output are provided. The competitor must submit uncompiled source to the judges who run the program on a large secret pool of test input. Incorrect solutions may be revised as many times as necessary. The most correct solutions wins, but in the event of a tie, the person with the least number of submissions wins. Allowed languages are Java and C/C++. Contestants may bring any printed material to the competition and may browse the internet (but not communicate to the outside) during the contest. Everyone competes as an individual and may not discuss problems with other participants. A break room will be held away from the lab with the refreshments, and participants are free to take breaks during the competition.

Though the lab has plenty of computers, students may bring their own laptops if desired (the lab is wireless enabled).
Practice Problems

Mail klawler(at)cise.ufl.edu for more info.
Contest Information
Date September 27, 2003
Location UF CSE Bldg computer lab, room 114 (/113/115/116)

Contact Information
Email Kevin Lawler
Address ACM Office
E468 CSE Building
P.O. Box 116120
Gainesville, FL 32611-6120
Phone (352) 392-4855
Fax (352) 392-1220

University of Florida Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery