- Check out! I invented something called a telephone,
it's portable; you can carry it in your pocket.
- It would get lost, better make it a desktop style.

my research interests include design and analysis of algorithms, computational geometry, mesh generation, bio-geometric modeling, computational biology, and scientific computing. For details please have a look at my research statement and my publications. My research is funded by two recent NSF grants, one of which is a CAREER award.

as part of my postdoctoral studies at Duke University, I was involved with the BioGeometry project, an interdisciplinary effort to address fundamental computational problems in the representation of molecular structures and the simulation of biochemical processes of life.

during my Ph.D. studies in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I collaborated with engineers and mathematicians within the Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets and the Center for Process Simulation and Design.

my Ph.D. advisors were Shang-hua Teng [who was a student of Gary Miller who was a student of Manuel Blum (Turing Award) who was a student of Marvin Minsky (Turing Award)] and Jeff Erickson [who was a student of Raimund Seidel who was a student of John Gilbert who was a student of Robert Tarjan (Turing Award) who was a student of Robert Floyd (Turing Award)].


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my coauthors include Elif Akcali, Herbert Edelsbrunner, David Eppstein, Jeff Erickson, Damrong Guoy, Robert Haber, Sariel Har-Peled, Cinda Heeren, Xiang-yang Li, Gary Miller, Robert D. Moser, Jay Palaniappan, Boris Petracovici, Alla Sheffer, Dan Spielman, Andreas Stathopoulos, John Sullivan, Dafna Talmor, Shang-hua Teng, Noel Walkington, and Lin Yin. On a related note, my Erdös number is three.

Alper Üngör August 2004