Tyler Tucker

Master's student researcher at UF FICS


I am a second year Master's student in the CISE department of the University of Florida, as well as a researcher at UF's Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research (FICS) lab. Currently, I am conducting wireless security research on detecting Bluetooth and cellular devices using software-defined radios under my advisor, Patrick Traynor.

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I earned my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida in 2019 with a minor in Computer Science. I decided to continue my education in Computer Science with a Master's degree from UF, now specializing in cybersecurity to complement my research at FICS.

Current Research

Embedded devices with cellular modules can hide in public areas, relying on battery power and wireless communication to transmit information to adversaries (e.g., credit card skimmers). My research uses software-defined radios to passively monitor nearby GSM uplink channels to detect and identify devices that have persisted in a local area for a suspicious amount of time.


August 2020 Contributed base station work for the Emulating Samsung's Baseband for Security Testing presentation at Blackhat '20
May 2019 Received Renwick Scholarship for Master's student researchers at UF
August 2018 Completed controls internship with Siemens Power Generation
August 2018 Completed frontend development on desktop application for Digital Control Lab
April 2018 Won 1st place award in UF ECE Senior Design Competition along with partner Daniel Gonzalez
August 2017 Completed ELDP internship with Siemens Industry Automation
August 2016 Completed systems engineering internship with Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
February 2016 Hosted Engineering and Science Fair Event for 1000+ K-12 students from throughout Florida with UF Engineer's Week