CIS 4930/6930: Recent Advances in Bioinformatics

Instructor: Tamer Kahveci
Section: 11EG / 096H
Location: Monday/Wednesday/Friday CSE 222
Time: 3rd period (9:35-10:25am)
Office hour: Monday/Thursday 2-3PM
Contact: E566 (office), 505-1554 (office phone)


This course will discuss the cutting edge developments in bioinformatics and computational biology. The course also aims to provide exposure to existing bioinformatics software and databases. In this class, we will discuss recent publications on computational systems biology and bioinformatics with emphasis on computer sci ence challenges and contributions. Each student will be responsible from presenting one or more such papers in class and joining discussions on papers presented by the other people in class. Also each student will do a class project that has the largest impact on the final grade.



Algorithms and Data Structures are required. Bioinformatics (CAP 5510) is strongly recommended (not required). I will assume that the students already have basic knowledge on these topics and are comfortable with basic computer programming (e.g., with C or Java).


This course will cover the most recent developments in a broad range of bioinformatics problems. I would like to put more focus on analysis of pathways. The topics are as follows:


(Subject to minor changes till the first day of the semester) Grading will be based on project (50 %), presentations (20 %), homeworks and quizzes (30 %). Class participation and novelty in projects will be rewarded by bonus (5 % each). Late returns will cause deduction of 20 % of the points for each late day.

Text book:

There is no text book for this class since we will use papers as our main source.


Tamer Kahveci