Lihan Bin & Shayan Javed

Virtual Environments - Spring 2009 Project 2

Project: To create a Virtual Reality experience where you as a fireman rescue someone from a house on fire.
Download link: Project 2 [Requires OgreSDK and OpenAL]


Often firefighters have to rescue people trapped in a building. This is a highly dangerous scenario, so using VR to simulate different scenarios is a good option. Goal of this project is to have the user rescue someone trapped on the 2nd floor of a house which is on fire, while avoiding certain obstacles and staying out of danger.:


1. Realistic fire and smoke effects.
2. Head position and orientation tracking.
3. Tracking an object (an axe).
4. Events triggered based on position in the house.
5. Sound! Sounds for fire, person asking for help, objects crashing, etc.
6. User is given orders from the senior firefighter managing the whole thing. Gives clues as to what to do (firefighters use walkie-talkies to communicate).
7. Interaction (use axe to hack open door and rescue the person).

How It Worked

-User walks through the first floor, noticing how part of the roof collapses. This forces the user to take an alternate route to the stairs.
-"Walking" on stairs simulated. Now on 2nd floor.
-User tries to take easy path on 2nd floor, but path is blocked by new fireball. Have to tiptoe around the huge hole.
-Use axe to break open the door and rescue the person asking for help.
-Given command to use ladder outside the window.


How it was done:


Head tracking and object tracking were both done using the two cameras situated in the lab. Object tracking is iffy due to occlusion.


V8 HMD used for stereo effect. It has two 1.3" 640 X 480 screens. Using Ogre's StereoManager two screens were rendered.

Scene setup:

-House was created by us, populated by different models found on Google Warehouse (TV, couch, windows, door, bed, person, etc.)
-The Ogre game engine was used to render and manage the whole scene.
-Fire and smoke effects created using Particle Editor for Ogre.
-OpenAL library used for audio. Currently static audio.

Future Work

-Improve graphics.
-Have more area to track head and object in.
-Have dynamic sound.
-Have the person animate.
-Create more dangerous scenarios. Maybe incorporate time limit on how quickly you can save the person.