COP 5536

Advanced Data Structures

University of Florida

Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint presentations used in the lectures are available from this page. These powerpoint are copyrighted by Sartaj Sahni (© 2017 Sartaj Sahni) and their use is limited to students of the Advanced Data Structures course when this course is taught by Sartaj Sahni. They may not be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a data base or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of Sartaj Sahni.

You may download the powerpoint for all lectures as a single zip file from here. Or, you may select individual lectures below.

Lecture Content Slides
1 Amortized complexity. Powerpoint
2 Amortized Complexity. Powerpoint
3 Introduction to external sorting. Powerpoint
4 Introduction to external sorting. Powerpoint
5 Selection trees & k-way merging. Powerpoint
6 Run generation. Powerpoint
7 Optimal merging of runs. Powerpoint
8 Buffering. Powerpoint
9 Double-ended priority queues. General methods. Powerpoint
10 Double-ended priority queues. Interval heaps. Powerpoint
11 Leftist trees. Powerpoint
12 Binomial heaps. Powerpoint
13 Binomial heaps. Powerpoint
14 Fibonacci heaps. Powerpoint
15 Pairing heaps. Powerpoint
16 Dictionaries. Powerpoint
17 Optimal Binary Search Trees. Powerpoint
18 AVL trees. Powerpoint
19 AVL trees. Powerpoint
20 Red-black trees Powerpoint
21 Red-black trees. Powerpoint
22 B-trees. Powerpoint
23 B-trees. Powerpoint
24 B+ and B*-trees. Powerpoint
25 Splay trees. Powerpoint
26 Splay Trees. Powerpoint
27 Binary Tries. Powerpoint
28 Compressed Binary Tries. Powerpoint
29 Tries and Packet Forwarding. Powerpoint
30 High-order Tries. Powerpoint
31 Suffix Trees. Powerpoint
32 Bloom Filters. Powerpoint
33 Segment Trees. Powerpoint
34 Interval Trees. Powerpoint
35 Priority Search Trees. Powerpoint
36 Priority Search Trees. Powerpoint
37 Multidimensional Search Trees. Powerpoint
38 Quad Trees. Powerpoint
39 BSP Trees. Powerpoint
40 R-Trees. Powerpoint