COP 5615 Operating Systems

Instructor: Richard Newman

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The MS Word syllabus have TA and other contact information, along with topic outline and policies.


The slides directory includes both the originals from Tanenbaum and ones I have modified.


The projects page provides general information, a list of projects, and a list of resources for projects.

EDGE Students

If you are a remotely-enrolled EDGE student, please refer to the Info Page for EDGE Students. You may access lectures and grades at the e-Learning site.


Please refer to quizzes directory for recent quizzes with key. Most quizzes will be done through Sakai online. You will usually have 2 days to complete the quiz, with two attempts permitted.


There will be no exams - only quizzes and projects.


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Course Assignments

Please refer to the COP5615 class web page for assignments.
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