Software Engineering Research Center (SERC)


The Software Engineering Research Center is an NSF-sponsored, industry-university cooperative research center (IUCRC) established in 1986. It is a joint center, with the University of Florida and Purdue University as the two original primary sites. Ball State University and the University of West Florida are secondary sites in SERC. The Oregon Associated Universities (University of Oregon, Portland State Univesity, Oregon State University and Oregon Graduate Center) have been approved to join SERC also.

The aim of the SERC is

In addition to project-related interactions, member companies send representatives to the semi-annual Industrial Affiliate Board meetings, which alternate locations between UF and Purdue U. There, on-going and proposed projects give demonstrations, posters, and talks. Usually there is a talk on industrial practice by one of the representatives as well, and the IAB members vote on proposed projects using a point-distribution scheme. Gene Spafford has composed a more complete introduction to SERC and the IUCRC program.

Upcoming IAB Meetings

The fall 1994 meeting will be held at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

Current Research Activities

There are several active projects with focus ranging from infrastructure for software engineering tasks to particular tools, from methodologies to evaluation of utility.

Technical Reports and other Publications

Technical Reports are available via ftp or by sending a request to Mrs. Shirley Shrum.

Faculty Participants

There are faculty and staff associated with SERC from over half a dozen institutions.

Industrial Sponsors

There are currently approximately ten industrial sponsors of SERC.