Basic Information

UF Research Foundation Professor (2016-present), CISE Department, University of Florida

Associate Director (2018-present), Nelms Institute for the Connected World

Full Professor (2015-present), CISE Department, University of Florida

Associate Chair for Research (2015-2018), CISE Department, University of Florida

Associate Professor (2011-2015), CISE Department, University of Florida

Assistant Professor (2006-2011), CISE Department, University of Florida

Areas of Specialization: Blockchain; Scalable Machine Learning; Security and Privacy; Big Graph Mining, Complex Network Analysis; Approximation Algorithms; Optimization

Contact Information:

Mailing Address: CSE Building, Room E301, University of Florida, P.O. Box 116120, Gainesville, Florida 32611-6120

Office: Room 550, CSE Building

Fax: 352-392-1220, attn: My T. Thai


Recent Awards And Honors

2018 UF IoT Term Professorship Award

2018 IEEE/ACM ASONAM Best Paper Runner Up Award

2017 IEEE ICDM Best Papers Award

2017 IEEE ICDCS Best Paper Award Candidate

2016 UF Research Foundation Professorship Award

2014 IEEE MSN Best Paper Award

2011 Provost's Excellence Award for Assistant Professors at the University of Florida

2010 NSF CAREER Award

2009 Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Young Investigator Award

Recent Professional Activities

Editor in Chief:

Computational Social Networks, 2013-present (Founder)

Journal Of Combinatorial Optimization, 2019 - present

Book Series Editor:

Springer Briefs in Optimization, 2010-present

Associate Editor:

IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, 2016 - present

IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2012 - 2016

Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 2012 - present

Ad Hoc and Sensor Wireless Networks, 2010 - present

Journal Of Combinatorial Optimization, 2006 - 2019

Optimization Letters, 2006 - present

Steering Committee Chair:

Int Conf on Computational Social Networks (CSoNet)

Int IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Inter-Dependent Networks (WIDN)

Int ACM SIGMETRICS Workshop on Critical Infrastructure Network Security (CINS)

General Chair:

MSN 2014 (IEEE Int Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks)

WASA 2014 (International Conference on Wireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications)

CCNet 2011 (IEEE Globecom Workshop on Complex Communication Networks)

TPC Chair:

ICDCS 2019 (IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems) Track Chair: Social Networks and Crowdsourcing

CINS 2018 (ACM SIGMETRICS International Workshop on Critical Infrastructure Network Security)

MASS 2018 (IEEE Conf on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems) Track Chair: Algorithms and Theory

COCOON 2016 (International Computing and Combinatorics Conference)

WIDN 2015 (IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Inter-Dependent Networks)

DySON 2014 (IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Dynamic Social Networks)

CSoNet 2013 (International Workshop on Computational Social Networks)

ISSPIT 2012 (IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology)

IWCMC 2012, Mobile Computing Symposium (IEEE International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference)

SIMPLEX 2011 (Workshop on Simplifying Complex Networks for Practitioners)

COCOON 2010 (International Computing and Combinatorics Conference)

CCNet 2010 (IEEE Globecom Workshop on Complex Communication Networks)

DIS 2011 (International Conference on the Dynamics of Information Systems)

Recent TPC Member: IJCAI 20, AAAI 20, INFOCOM 19, INFOCOM 18, SIGMETRICS 17, ICDCS 17, INFOCOM 17, INFOCOM 16, INFOCOM 15, INFOCOM 14, ICDCS 14, INFOCOM 13, COMPLEX 12, Complex Networks 12, SocialCom 12, SocialInformatics 12, SIMPLEX 12, INFOCOM 12, COCOA 12, ALGOSENSORS 11, MMFI 11, MoMM 11, INFOCOM 11, SEA 11, DICTAP 11, INFOCOM 10, ISAAC 09, COCOA 09, MSN 09, COCOON 09, MSN 08, HealthNet 08, WASA 08, ICDCS 08, COCOA 07, ICCCN 07, HIPC 07, ISPAN 07, ICC 07

Selected Talks

”Information Diffusion on Social Networks: From the Traditional Setting to the Future Blockchain-Based”, IEEE/ACM ASONAM, Aug 2018, Spain. Tutorial Talk

"Blockchain: Promising Future and Current Challenges", Lancaster University, May 2018, UK. Invited Talk

"Mining in Online Social Networks: Dynamic Sampling and Adaptive Learning", Int. Conf. on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Big Data (MOD), Sept 2017, Italy. Plenary Keynote

"Cyber Attacks in Online Social Networks through Social Bots", the AFRL Mathematical Modeling and Optimization Institute (MMOI), Aug 2017. Plenary Keynote

"Viral Marketing: From the Approximation to the Exact on Billion-scale Networks", Int. Conf. on Network-Based Information Systems (NBiS), Sept 2016, Czech. Plenary Keynote

"Group Testing and Its Application in Biological Screening", Int. Conf. on Computational Biomedicine (CBM), 2016. Plenary Keynote

”Viral Marketing: A Road to Billion-scale Networks”, Int. Conf. on Combinatorial Optimization and Application (COCOA), Dec 2015, Houston, TX. Plenary Keynote

"Security in Smart Grids: Interdependency and Vulnerability", Smart Grid Security Workshop, May 2014, Korea. Plenary Keynote

”Cybersecurity in Internet-of-Things”, Korea University, May 2014.

"Big Data in Social Networks", Int. Conf. on Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications (CISIM), 2014, Vietnam. Plenary Keynote.

"Interdependent Networks Analysis", Learning and Intelligent Optimization Conference (LION 8), Feb 2014, USA. Tutorial Talk.

"Cybersecurity in Smart Grids", National Security Research Institute, Nov 2013, Korea. Invited Talk

"Dynamic Community Structure Analysis in Complex Networks", Int Conference on the Dynamics of Information Systems, Feb 2013. USA. Plenary Keynote

"How the Power-law Distribution Impacts on the Complex Network Vulnerability", Int Workshop on Complex Networks, Mar 2012, USA. Invited Speaker.

"The Optimal Use of Social Networks to Manipulate Information", University of Texas – Dallas, Department of Computer Science, Sep 2011. USA. Department Colloquium talk

Current Students

Raed Alharbi (Ph.D., joined since Fall 2019)

Minh Vu (Ph.D., joined since Fall 2018)

Truc Nguyen (Ph.D., joined since Fall 2018)

Lan Nguyen (Ph.D., joined since Spring 2017)

J. David Smith (Ph.D., joined since Fall 2015)

Former Students

Tianyi Pan (Ph.D., August 2019). Google

Xiang Li (Ph.D., August 2018). Santa Clara University

Alan Kuhnle (Ph.D., August 2018). Florida State University

Huiling Zhang (Ph.D., August 2018). Google

Md Abdul Alim (Ph.D., Dec 2016). Optym

Huiyuan Zhang (Ph.D., July 2016). Amazon

Subhankar Mishra (Ph.D., July 2016). Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Dzung T. Nguyen (Ph.D., July 2013). Microsoft

Nam Nguyen (Ph.D., March 2013). Towson University

Yilin Shen (Ph.D., March 2013). Samsung Research

Thang N. Dinh (Ph.D., March 2013). Virginia Commonwealth University

Bo Li (Ph.D., Summer 2012, co-advice with Ye Xia). Microsoft

Ying Xuan (Ph.D., Fall 2011). IBM Research

Ravi Tiwari (Ph.D., June 2010). eBay

Incheol Shin (Ph.D., May 2010). Mokpo National University, Korea

Yu-Song Syu (M.S., June 2012)

Ning Zhang (M.S., 2008). NEC Labs

Research Interests

My research interests span on the optimization and algorithmic mathematics underpinnings of billion-scale data mining, machine learning, and cybersecurity with applications to blockchains, healthcare, social media, and critical networking infrastructure. More information can be found at my lab: Adaptive Learning and Optimization.

Funded Research Projects

NSF 2020-2023, FAI: Towards a Computational Foundation for Fair Network Learning, (collaborate with HH Tong and R Maciejewski)

NSF 2019-2022, III: Stream-based Active Mining at Scale: Non-Linear Non-Submodular Maximization, (collaborate with DZ Du)

CTMT 2020-2021, DeepTrust: Building Competency-aware AI Systems with Human-Centric Communication, (collaborate with S. Chan-Olmsted)

UFII 2019-2021, Active Mining and Data Integrity at Scale: A Blockchain-based Approach.

NSF 2018-2021, NeST: Lightweight Adaptive Algorithms for Network Optimization at Scale towards Emerging Services, (collaborate with ZL Zhang)

FC2 2018-2019, Thwarting APTs in IoT, (collaborate with A. Mohaisen)

FC2 2017-2018, Resilient Smart Grid Control for Load Switching Cyber Attacks, (collaborate with Z. Miao)

NSRI 2016-2017, Identification of Critical Monitoring Nodes in SCADA Network, (sole PI)

FC2 2016-2017, Nonlinear Model-Based Cyber Attack-Resilient Smart Grid Control, (collaborate with Z. Miao)

NSF 2015-2019, EARS: Collaborative Research: Laying the Foundations of Social Network-Aware Cellular Device-to-Device Communications, (collaborate with W. Saad and Z. Han)

NSF 2014-2019, Collaborative Research: RIPS Type 2: Vulnerability Assessment and Resilient Design of Interdependent Infrastructures, (Lead PI: Thai, co-PI: V. Boginski, Y. Yin, C. McCarty, A. Sarwat)

NSF 2014-2017, CCF: Modeling and Dynamic Analyzing for Multiplex Social Networks, (sole PI)

DTRA 2014-2019, Interdependent Network Responses to WMD: Dynamics Modeling, Impact Analysis, and Adaptive Control Techniques, (PI: Thai, co-PI: D. Wu)

NSRI 2014-2015, Efficient Protection Schemes towards Load-Redistribution Attacks, (sole PI)

DTRA 2010-2015, Mathematical Approaches to WMD Defense and Vulnerability Assessments on Dynamic Networks (co-PI with C. Smith and P. Pardalos)

DTRA 2009-2014, YIP: C-WMD: Models, Complexity, and Algorithms in Complex Dynamic Evolving Networks (sole PI)

NSF 2010-2015, CAREER: Optimization Models and Approximation Algorithms for Network Vulnerability and Adaptability (sole PI)

ETRI 2013-2014, Efficient DPI Methods in SCADA Smart Grid System (sole PI)

NSF 2010-2015, Sequencing Gators: Building a Genome Science Curriculum at the University of Florida and Beyond (co-PI with E. Triplett, V. Crecy, and T. Kahveci)

NSF 2008-2010, A New Approach for Identifying DoS Attackers Based on Group Testing Techniques (sole PI)

Recent Courses


Spring 2020: CIS6930: Blockchain: Optimization and Applications


Spring 2019: COT5442: Approximation Algorithms


Fall 2017: COT5442: Approximation Algorithms


Fall 2016: CIS6930: Internet of Things


Fall 2015: CIS4930/6930: Social Network Computing


Fall 2014: On Sabbatical

Spring 2015: COT5442: Approximation Algorithms


Fall 2013: On leave

Spring 2014: On Sabbatical


Fall 2012: CIS6930: Recent Advances in Social Networks Computing

Spring 2013: COT5442: Approximation Algorithms


Fall 2011: COT5442: Approximation Algorithms

Spring 2012: CAP 5515: Computational Molecular Biology


Fall 2010: CIS 6930: Optimization in Adaptive Complex Systems and Social Networks

Spring 2011: COT5405: Analysis of Algorithms

Summer 2011: COT5405: Analysis of Algorithms (Online only)


Fall 2009: CIS 6930: PCPs and Inapproximability

Spring 2010: COT 3100: Applications of Discrete Structures (often known as Discrete Mathematics)


Fall 2008: CIS 6930: Approximation Algorithms

Spring 2009: CAP 5515: Computational Molecular Biology


Fall 2007: CIS 6930: Approximation Algorithms

Spring 2008: TBA


Fall 2006: CIS 6930: Approximation Algorithms

Spring 2007: CAP 5515: Computational Molecular Biology


(The first author is either one of my students at the time or myself, except those marked with *)



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