CIS 4930/6930: Recent Advances in Social Network Computing
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  1. Timeline:
    • No class: Sept 3, Nov 9, Nov 12, Nov 21-24
    • Class end: Dec 5
    • Groups are formed: Aug 31
    • Project Abstracts Due: Sept 19
    • Homework 1: Out (Sept 24), Due (Oct 5)
    • Midterm Due: Oct 15. Proj Presentation: Oct 15-19
    • Homework 2: Out (Nov 5), Due (Nov 19)
    • Final Report: Dec 10, emailto at midnight
  2. Papers on the Community Structure Topics:
    • A recent survey of Fortunato (2010)
    • Finding statistically significant communities in networks, A. Lancichinetti, F. Radicchi, J.J. Ramasco and S. Fortunato [PDF]
    • Overlapping Communities in Dynamic Networks: Their Detection and Mobile Applications, N. P. Nguyen, T. N. Dinh, S. Tokala, and M. T. Thai, (Mobicom 2011) [ PDF]
    • FacetNet: A Framework for Analyzing Communities and Their Evolutions in Dynamic Networks, Y.-R. Lin, Y. Chi, S. Zhu, H. Sundaram, and B. L. Tseng, (WWW 2008) [PDF]
    • Graphscope: A parameter-free mining of large time-evolving graphs, J. Sun, C. Faloutsos, S. Papadimitriou, and P. S. Yu, (KDD 2007) [PDF]
    • Community Structure in Time-Dependent, Multiscale, and Multiplex Networks, P. J. Mucha, T. Richardson, K. Macon, M. A. Porter, and J.-P. Onnela, (Science 2010) [PDF]
    • Discovering Network Structure Beyond Communities, T. Nishikawa and A. E. Motter, (Nature 2011) [PDF]
    • Algorithm for parametric community detection in networks, A. Bettinelli, P. Hansen, and L. Liberti, (Physical Review E, 2012) [PDF]
    • A markov random walk under constraint for discovering overlapping communities in complex networks, D. Yin, B. Yang, C. Baquero, D. Liu, D. He, and J. Liu, (J. STATE MECH 2011) [PDF]
    • Community Discovery and Profiling with Social Messages, W. Zhou, H. Jin, and Y. Liu, (KDD 2012) [PDF]
    • Vertex neighborhoods, low conductance cuts, and good seeds for local community methods, D. Gleich and C. Seshadhri (KDD 2012) [PDF]
    • Community Detection in Dynamic Social Networks: A Random Walk Approach, L.-C. Huang, T.-J. Yen, and S. T. Chou (ASONAM 2011) [PDF]
    • Community Detection in Incomplete Information Networks, W. Lin et. al (WWW 2012) [PDF]
    • Using Content and Interactions for Discovering Communities in Social Networks, M. Sachan, D. Contractor, T. Faruquie, and L. V. Subramaniam (WWW 2012) [PDF]
  3. We are going to cover the following papers on the Social Influence Analysis topic. Please read them all:
    • Maximizing the Spread of Influence through a Social Network
    • Maximizing product adoption in social networks
    • Community-based greedy algorithm for mining top-K influential nodes in mobile social networks
    • Information Diffusion and External Influence in Networks
    • Susceptible.infected.recovered epidemics in dynamic contact networks
    • Cheap, Easy, and Massively Effective Viral Marketing in Social Networks: Truth or Fiction?
  4. List of papers about securiy and privacy:
    • A survey of security and privacy in online social networks
    • A privacy survey chapter
    • Exploiting vulnerability to secure user privacy on a social networking site
    • Maximizing Circle of Trust in Online Social Networks
    • The walls have ears: optimize sharing for visibility and privacy in online social networks
    • An analysis of social network-based sybil defenses
    • Sybildefender: Defend against sybil attacks in large social networks (INFOCOM 2012)
    • Cost-effective Outbreak Detection in Networks, KDD, 2008
    • On Event Detection and Localization in Acyclic Flow Networks, IEEE Trans. Sys. 2012
    • Social network sensors for early detection of contagious outbreaks. PlosONE, 2010
    • Towards detecting influenza epidemics by analyzing Twitter messages, SOMA, 2010
    • Detecting epidemic tendency by mining search logs, WWW 2010
CIS6930: Recent Advances in Social Network Computing