CAP 5515: Computational Molecular Biology
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  • We will not have lecture on Thursday (April 19th). Instead, I will hold 2hrs office hour on Thursday for discussing the group project work.
  • For the final presentation:
    • You must present your complete work
    • Peer review and comments will give to the other team at the end of the presentation.
  • The Schedule page has been updated, including all the papers which will be discussed for the rest of this semester
  • Here are two papers discussing about the role of complexes in biology and why we want to study the pooling designs on complexes:
    • Leonard Guarente, Transcriptional Coactivators in Yeast and Beyond, Trends Biochem Sci. 1995 Dec;20(12):517-21
    • James P. J. Chong, Pia Thommes, and J. Julian Blow, The role of MCM/P1 proteins in licensing of DNA replication, TIBS, March 1996
  • On a historical note, the complex model (in pooling design) was first introduced by Torney (see David C. Torney, Sets Pooling Designs, Annals of Combinatorics, 1999.) Since the molecules of biological cells are being identified, but it it remains a challenge to understand how they interact and cooperate to produce various attributes (complexes) of biological cells. Examples of such complexes are presented in the above two papers.
  • Due to my sickness, the office hour and lectures on Jan 23 will be cancelled. Hence I need to slightly change the schedule this week as follows:
    • No class on Jan 23
    • We will have lecture on Jan 25 (Thursday)
    • Please submit your review report on prof. Hwang's paper on Thursday
    • After the lecture, we will discuss the project proposal ideas during my office hour on Thursday. I will meet Team 1 in the first 30 mins and Team 2 in the second half. Please let me know via email if either teams has a time conflict.
  • We have formed two teams. Team member information can be found at the Team Info page.
  • On next Tuesday, you need to submit the first review report on Hwang paper. Look at the Schedule page for the paper. For the format of the review report, take a look at the Syllabus page.
  • Welcome to CAP5515. Enjoy and have fun learning!
CAP5515: Computational Molecular Biology