"And he alone is great who turns the voice of the wind into a song made sweeter by his own loving." - Gibran


During graduate school, I worked full-time in the industry for several years doing data analysis, software development, and management for the financial, video games and internet industries. I worked on projects involving Finance, Biomedical devices, Marketing, Video game development, Statistics and Machine Learning. In addition,  I mentored and consulted for several young startups, industry, and research projects.


  • Convert, Jan 2009-Jan 2010
Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer: Responsible for the overall technical side of the company.
Built and managed the engineering team and lead development using Statistical and Machine Learning techniques to automate our web solutions.

  • Ignition Entertainment (video games), Dec 2007-Jan 2009
Technical Manager (April 08-Jan 09): responsibilities include helping with technical direction, management of a team of 14 software engineers, researching and designing new technologies, and algorithm and code review.
R&D Programmer  (Dec 07-April 08): specialized in gaming AI development using Unreal Engine 3, C++, and the investigation and integration of middleware solutions s.a. AI-Implant and Kynapse, and algorithms s.a. pathfinding and reinforcement learning.

  • Capital One (financial data mining). Jan 2007-Dec 2007.
Data Analyst Associate: Specialized in Data Mining, web analysis, and data exploration using SQL, SAS, XML and Python.

  • Amazon.com, (web development, video processing) Summer 2006
Software Engineer Intern: Developed a  scalable video solution for the web and researched OCR and content-based image retrieval for Media Services.

  • UW and Ford Research (machine Learning, optimization), Summer 2003
R&D Programmer Intern: Designed and implemented machine learning and optimization algorithms for intelligent control of high speed fatigue testing.


An Incomplete list of languages and related technologies used is C++, Python, Perl, MySQL, C#, Java, Hadoop, LISP, ROS, R, MatLab, CUDA, Haskell, PHP, SAS, HTML, CSS, Flash, Javascript, jQuery, XML, SVN, P4, Windows, Unix, and Linux.