“To look life in the face, always, to look life in the face, and to know it for what it is...at last, to love it for what it is, and then to put it away.” - Woolf


Contact info:

Email: mohamad.tarifi@gmail.com
Phone: (310)-733-9079
Google+:  you can find me here.


Research Focus

My current research focus is on the Theory and Application of Intelligence :
  • Developing Artificial Intelligence models inspired by Neuroscience.
  • Formulating and investigating central questions of Computational Learning in Theoretical CS.
  • Building Machine Learning applications and experiments.

In the past, I have participated in research involving Algorithms, Machine Learning, Computational Neuroscience, Signal Processing, AI Search Heuristics, Quantum Computing, Bioinformatics, Economics, Game Theory, Psycophysics, Nanotechnology, Networks, Computer Graphics, and many Mathematical areas s.a. Optimization, Analysis, Approximation Theory, Discrete Structures, Linear Algebra, Group Theory, Combinatorics, Statistics, Algebraic Geometry, and Complexity.

I received funding through Research Assistantships with the CISE, ECE and Psych departments at UF to work on several projects with Dr Sitharam, Dr Boykin, and Dr Hermer. A list of publications.


Ph.D. in Computer Science. Research adviser: Meera Sitharam.  Co-adviser: Jeffery Ho,  U. of Florida 2011
M.S in Computer Science. Research adviser: Meera Sitharam.  Co-adviser: Oscar Boykin, U. of Florida, 2007
B. Eng. in Computers and Communications, with Minors in Mathematics and Physics, American U. of Beirut, 2004
Visiting student of Computer Science for two semesters, University of Waterloo, 2003.    


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