CISE Senior Project - Registration Procedure

In the past, there has been some confusion about how to get ready for Senior Project, and how to properly apply for and register for the course. The following procedure has been added, at students' request, to make this easier for you and better defined.

Deadlines have been revised, per student requests.

Perform the following steps:

Step 1. (a) Read the class web page thoroughly. (b) Consult the Project Ideas Database to find a project and an advisor, if you do not already have a project. (c) Meet with the advisor and define your project, to include scope, goals, tasks, and deliverables.

Deadline: 7 Jan 2004 This should be completed 1-2 weeks before the beginning of the semester, because if you try to do this at the beginning of the semester, you will be crunched for time, and might not meet the registration deadlines. If you are late, you will also be starting late, which usually bodes ill for successful completion. Note: In the Spring Semester, we usually relax this deadline until midway through drop/add, hence, the date shown above.

Step 2. Obtain the Senior Project application form from this link or from Room E405, CSE Building, and fill it out, according to the information you obtained from meeting with your advisor in Step 1.

Put the completed form uner Dr. Schmalz' door (CSE/E446), so he can (a) review and sign it, then (b) return it to the CISE Advisors.

Deadline: 9 Jan 2004 This must be completed early in the first week of the semester, by the end of drop-add period, so you can meet the Registrar's deadlines. Comments about lateness and the Spring Semester (from Step 1, above) apply here.

Step 3. Allow a day or two for the forms to be processed, check with your CISE Advisor to be sure that you are registered for the Senior Project course. This is a Department-controlled course, so you cannot register with Dr. Schmalz, and cannot register by Telegator.

Deadline: 9 Jan 2004 This step must be completed by the end of the first week, for timely processing.

Late Registration for this Course Closes on Fri 9 Jan 04: 5pm

Step 4. Go to the Web page section on The Project Planning Document and complete the document in ASCII text only, not MS-Word. E-mail a text-only copy of the document to Dr. Schmalz at ( You can give a hardcopy to the CISE receptionist to be placed in Dr. Schmalz' mailbox. Ask her to date this copy. Or, you can slide the hardcopy under Dr. Schmalz' door (CSE/E446).

Deadline: 14 January 2004: 5pm This step must be completed prior to the initial meeting. Dr. Schmalz must have these planning documents so he can record in the course database that you have completed this important step.

Step 5. Attend the First Meeting of Senior Project (mandatory attendance) on Thu 15 January 2004, at 7pm in Room CSE/E119, which is on the basement level of the CSE building.

You must read your e-mail frequently to stay in touch with your advisor and supervisor when appropriate. The supervisor will periodically send out messages to all seniors taking CIS 4914, concerning meeting announcements, presentation dates, etc.

You are completely responsible for knowing these dates, and appearing at meetings and presentations on time, fully prepared, and with the appropriate materials and attire.
Sun Nov 2 19:58:09 EST 2004