CISE Senior Project - Project Planning Document

The Project Planning Document is your first item of responsibility. It is an e-mail message composed of the following information:


PROJECT: Title of Project
STUDENT: Your Name
UFID5-8: The last four digits of your UF student id number (NOT SSN)
DATE:    Date you got Advisor's approval & signature on your form

Describe what work is to be done during the semester. This can
be from 1-3 paragraphs.

State what is to be delivered ---apart from the written report---
to the project advisor. Specify computer languages used and other
relevant information.
An example follows:

PROJECT: Measurement of Edge Detector Efficiency 
STUDENT: John Johnson
UFID5-8: 3428
DATE:    25 August 2011


Task 1. Determine requirements of edge detector performance modelling.

        Conduct literature survey to determine type and extent of
        previous work.  Determine test platform for performance
        model implementation.  Determine performance metrics and
        resultant model constraints.  Select two or three models
        from the literature.

Task 2. Implement edge detector performance measurement software.

        Adapt two or three edge detector performance models found in
        the literature, so they are syntactically and semantically 
        compatible with the XIBS-V image processing software.  Implement
        the models in the XIB programming language, where possible,
        with C or C++ language extensions as required.  Test and
        debug code, reporting any XIB bugs to the manufacturer. 

Task 3. Test edge detector performance on various types of imagery.

        Assemble a small database of test images (10-15) from the
        Web and from other sources.  Additionally, develop several
        calibration images that can be used to objectively test the
        edge detector performance.  Apply the detectors specified by
        my advisor to the database imagery.  Evaluate the results
        of these detectors using the software developed in Task 2.
        Marshall test data and summarize test results in writing.

Task 4. Document results in final report.

DELIVERABLES:  Project deliverables will consist of:

     1. Theory, algorithms, and supporting literature citations, to
        be summarized or enumerated in the Final Report.

     2. Software, source code written in the XIB-3 programming
        language (Version 3.1.2, Defective Software, Inc.), as well as
        add-on modules written in ANSI-C or Microsoft Visual C++,
        Version n.n.n.  Software will be designed to run on a
        Pentium-III PC with at least 28MB of memory and 4MB of
        available disk space, under the Microsoft Visual C++ environment.

     3. Final Report, in hardcopy form, to be written in Microsoft
        Word compatible electronic format.
The preceding example is more than adequate for a simple project, and represents a length that should not be exceeded for a more elaborate project.
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