Where to use the turnin command? 

If you are using the Unix machine in the CISE building or using the dialup service from CISE department. You can use the turnin command directly. 
If you are using other ISP, check the following steps: 
1. telnet grove.ufl.edu 
2. In the command line of grove system, type ssh -l xxxx sand.cise.ufl.edu 
xxxx is your user name got from CISE department. (When you first time use this 
command, the system may ask you a question like " Is the host sand.cise.ufl.edu trustable? (yes/no)" , you just key in yes.) 
3. Input your password. 
4. Now you are on the CISE UNIX machine and able to use the turnin command. 

How to copy your program files to the CISE account?
1. Use FTP. When you get the CISE account, it also works for FTP service. 
2. If you are not familiar with FTP, you may try the copy/paste and then save the file in your CISE account. 
3. An inconvenient way is to copy your files to a floppy. Go to LAB114, log onto a UNIX machine and to copy all files from the floppy to the current directory: , use 
 mcopy a:* 

turnin command :
You need to use turnin command to submit your programs of HW#3( #1,2, and 4). The syntax of the command is like following: 
turnin -c cda3101fa01 -p hw3 <program1> <program2> <program4>

1) Resubmit? 
Yes, you may resubmit your project as many times as you want before deadline. But only the last submission will be graded. 

Please be sure to submit ALL the files of your project at each time. 

2) How to confirm? 
Type command: turnin -v -c cda3101fa01 -p hw3 
Please check man pages for turnin for more information.